Pristina Airport upgrades carbon accreditation


Pristina Airport has upgraded its airport carbon accreditation, an independent, voluntary program which aims at reducing CO2 emissions at airports, and is now one step away from carbon neutrality. Pristina Airport joined at the Level 1 mapping phase in September 2016, moved up to Level 2 - the reduction phase - in July 2017, and has now entered Level 3 - optimisation. The optimisation step of Airport Carbon Accreditation requires third party engagement in carbon footprint reduction. Third parties include airlines and various service providers, for example, independent ground handlers, catering companies, air traffic control and others working on the airport site. It also involves engagement on surface access modes (road, rail) with authorities and users. "Pristina International Airport has just reached a whole new level of carbon management! The airport was recognised for reducing its CO2 and engaging its partners (companies working at the airport site) to start reducing their emissions as well", the Airport Carbon Accreditation Advisory Board said in a statement. Carbon accredited airports in the former Yugoslavia include Dubrovnik (mapping), Ljubljana (reduction) and Zagreb (reduction).

Four levels of carbon emission reduction at airports


  1. Anonymous10:43

    Excellent job PRN! Thinking green is the best for the enviornment.
    While TIV is hailing for runway lights, you are light years ahead :)

  2. Anonymous11:58

    For environmental issues, PRN should first implement usable public transport from Pristina Bus Station to the airport, Not talking about developing a rail connection using the fright line nearby.

    1. Anonymous12:18

      I think there are is no ex-Yu city that has rail/metro from the airport to city centre.
      The only capitals in the region having this are Athens and Sofia.
      I know Belgrade has a project, but still not put into action.


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