Qatar Airways hiring ticketing staff in Bosnia


Qatar Airways is seeking a Reservation & Ticketing Agent to be based in Sarajevo. The position entails handling the maximum number of telephone calls (between ten and fifteen per hour) whilst at all times following all Qatar Airways procedures and regulations, serving all passengers professionally and quickly at the reservations counter to minimise customers waiting time, issuing tickets and quoting correct fares and tariffs, as well as performing a detailed daily flight firming check to maximise flight utilisation and reducing "no-shows" on a daily basis. Requirements include a diploma or associate degree, as well as a minimum experience of two years in a similar role. Fluency in English and Bosnian is essential. Further details can be viewed here. The application deadline has been set for September 2.


  1. Anonymous16:11

    Is Qatar really an interesting place for Bosnians to work? Don't they prefer Germany or Austria instead?

    1. Anonymous16:18

      This position is actually in Sarajevo. "Qatar Airways is seeking a Reservation & Ticketing Agent to be based in Sarajevo".

    2. Anonymous16:22

      Oh, sorry I didn't pay attention. Do you know how QR is performing in SJJ? If they are looking for people means that there is more work, right?

    3. Anonymous17:03

      Or that someone quit and they need to find a replacement.

    4. Qatar quite often has a 100% load factor on its Sarajevo route!


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