Skopje Airport sees record traffic


Skopje Airport handled 193.007 passengers in June, representing a strong increase of 27.9% on the same month last year. During the first half of 2018, Macedonia's busiest airport welcomed 976.851 travellers through its doors, up 21.7%. It managed to add over 170.000 passengers on last year. Skopje Airport anticipates handling over two million travellers in 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN145.591 18.8
FEB130.077 23.6
MAR156.952 25.4
APR175.891 18.4
MAY175.333 16.7
JUN193.007 27.9


  1. Anonymous11:42

    IMPRESSIVE! BRAVO BRAVO N.MACEDONIA! 2 million is almost there!
    This is mainly to the big W6 A321s that arrived in town.

    Браво! Одличан!

    1. Anonymous02:19

      I wonder how much of the increase in Airport traffic in Skopje is due to the mass migration of the population out of Macedonia?

  2. Anonymous12:10

    34k more than Pristina for first 6 months. Одлично!

  3. Anonymous12:28

    Can someone make a list of busiest airports in ex yu from H1?

    1. Anonymous12:36

      1. BEG
      2. ZAG
      3. SKP
      4. PRN
      5. LJU

      The rest are too small to matter/count.

    2. Anonymous12:47

      Is INI on the top 10 list ?

    3. Anonymous12:50

      Of course it is NOT.

    4. Anonymous12:51


    5. Anonymous13:06

      SKP is ahead of SPU in H1.

    6. Anonymous13:13

      nope SPU is ahead by some 50.000 according this blog

    7. Anonymous13:31

      I am not sure, we need to check that information.

    8. Anonymous13:49

      lazy people like you are the plague ...

    9. Anonymous15:06

      @Anonymous1 August 2018 at 12:28

      First 6 months:

      1. Belgrade
      2. Zagreb
      3. Split
      4. Skopje
      5. Pristina
      6. Duborvnik
      7. ljubljana
      8. Sarajevo

      9. Tuzla
      10. Pula

      Data for last 2 need to be verified,

    10. Anonymous15:40

      Thank you, my friend. So, is INI number 11?

    11. Anonymous15:40

      seems only numbers from Crna Gora are missing

    12. Anonymous15:44

      Alo Nislija polako, 12 ili 13 depending of Tivat results

  4. Anonymous12:31

    stil ahead of DBV in the first half :D

    1. Anonymous12:37

      And what happens when we add 7th month. ;) ;) ;)

      That's when SKP's ranking collapses.

    2. Anonymous12:48

      Jesus, I was only making a joke

  5. What is about Ohrid?

  6. Anonymous15:02

    Pa pa pa..Goodbye PRN

    1. Anonymous15:10

      smanji dozivljaj. PRN ke ne preticaat vo slednite dva meseca, a posle ke vidime koj e podobar

    2. Anonymous15:15

      Such a stupid comment, what happens when Wizz air stops receiving subsidies, and pulls out??? Will you be again so brazen and arrogant? The fact that Wizz has 65% of traffic at your airport should be worrying.

    3. Anonymous15:21

      Anon 15:15, stupid comment for example is when you make claims about the subsidies, not knowing anything about the model implemented and how it works.

    4. Anonymous15:24

      Worrying should be the fact that W6 doesn't have more than 3 destinations from your airport and the fact that fake airlines like Germany are "flying" to your country.

    5. Anonymous15:42

      Be careful, W6 will be increasing their flights from LTN to PRN to 5 weekly end of October meaning already huge interest.
      They will most likely turn daily like TIA.

    6. Anonymous21:44

      @Anonymous1 August 2018 at 15:21
      I am not from Kosova, I am just reading your arrogant nationalist posts and get sickened by the tone of your comments. Sure I don't know the subsidies model implemented in Skopje, nor do I care, however imagine that model no longer is being implemented and Wizz pulls out, what then???

      Be happy for everyone, everyone benefits from good results.

    7. @Anon at 21:44

      The majority of the routes from W6 out of Skopje are no longer subsidized, in fact majority of the subsidies ended a long time ago. Yet for some reason Wizz Air has not yet pulled out (wonder why). They even upgraded the best performing routes to A321. As a matter of fact they will never pull out. They enjoy massive share and have amazing loads, why would they? Even if lets say, based on your observations (god knows how you made them) and your desires they pull out, another LCC will take its place. Skopje has already proved it has great potential for such airlines and flights and has a great catchment area including neighboring countries. Can't see why airlines like Ryanair wouldn't want to capitalize on that.

  7. Anonymous15:44

    Guys, I don't understand this hate between people when airports are competing between each other. Just stop and enjoy the show. I'm Macedonian and of course I'm happy to see SKP doing good but that doesn't mean that I hate if the other airports are doing better. If everyone continues improving and we will have excellent highways for sure people from the capital Skopje might go to Pristina and fly from there.
    I live near the Greek border (Gevgelija) and I have that luck to compare prices from three airports, Skopje and Thessaloniki initially and if the offer is much better, Sofia too since they are all on a relatively close proximity, SKP and SKG roughly an hour drive with the new highway and SOF some three hours. I've been to SKG much more because of much better prices.
    No need for negative comments here, it's all business.

    1. Anonymous16:01

      Thank you for the warm message.

      You are right, but I wouldn't call the comments negative but rather people get excited about their hometown airports.
      The region where you are has a dense concentration of many airports at a time all within a range of 200-300km: SKG, SOF, SKP/OHD, INI, PRN.
      All those airports just proved how thirsty the region was for flights (gasto, business, leisure, study, religious turizam, etc.)

    2. Anonymous17:20

      Also as a Macedonian, although I'm happy about the possibility that SKP overtakes PRN, I'm always happy when Pristina grows, especially in terms of destinations. PRN will only be 1hr away with the new highway which is almost finished, and that includes the border procedures. So more options for us as well.

    3. Anonymous17:37

      Nice news indeed!
      Parallel to that, Bulgaria have just chosen Strabag to construct the Sofia-Kalotina highway (Serbian border) so this means much faster travel between INI and SOF ;)

    4. Anonymous18:26

      for which destinations was SKG or SOF cheaper until now?

    5. Anonymous19:02

      Ryanair flights from SKG compared to Wizzair from SKP
      Turkish Airlines cheaper 15% - 20% to the same route from SKG compared to SKP.

      Regarding Sofia, Qatar business class flights cheaper compared to SKP and SKG

    6. Nemjee19:05

      Turkish Airlines had a bad year in SKG, that could be a reason why they were cheaper there than in SKP.

    7. Anonymous20:53

      Anon 19:02 - very interesting numbers and facts. Do you know why TK is that cheap from SKG? Are they struggling?
      As for QR in SOF, they now fly 11 weekly and will upgrade to A321 in winter. Seems the route is working good.
      How about QR performance in SKP? LF, etc? Any idea?

    8. Anonymous22:24

      QR is having some success during the summer months in SKP since the route some days is served by A321. In the cold months the load factor was around 50%.
      Regarding TK in SKG I think they have more competition for the transfer passengers thus giving cheaper options.

    9. Anonymous22:47

      TK will increase SKP flights to weekly 18 in Jun 2019

  8. Anonymous22:51

    2018 Skopje is overtaking even ZAG!


  9. Anonymous01:19

    SKP can't overtake ZAG and PRN for ever, dream is over.

    Everyone know Kosovo almost got schangen visa and residence are clear to travel around Europe.

    SKP stays how it is now 4th or 5th.


    1. Anonymous09:31

      well it is the ranking that SKP is ahead of PRN in H1 2018 so its not a dream but a reality, which is still not the case of Kosovars travelling without visas

  10. Anonymous02:17

    I wonder how much of the increase in Airport traffic in Skopje is due to the mass migration of the population out of Macedonia, and the increase of citizens in Macedonia having to become seasonal workers and accept jobs in Germany and Switzerland.

    1. Anonymous08:47

      Probably same as all other nations in ex-yu, hoards of citizens of croatia have gone abroad for years now and even more since eu entrance, serbs aswell fle the country, albanians leave in even bigger numbers, so its not just macedonians!


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