Tivat Airport records busiest day


Tivat Airport has registered its busiest day on record this past Sunday, July 30, by handling 11.233 travellers within 24 hours. A total of 58 flight operations were recorded during the day. The airport anticipates welcoming some 1.250.000 passengers this year, despite its terminal building having an annual capacity of just 400.000 travellers. Strong passenger growth has been recorded on flights from Scandinavian markets, Israel, Germany and Poland.


  1. Anonymous15:48

    So, so...a tiny monster is being born!
    1,250,000 million already places the airport closer to its bigger cousins: SKP, PRN and LJU.
    I hope ME all the best this year. After all Madonna was in Budva and the country is becoming extremely popular. It can comfortably be named a medium-sized regional airport.

  2. Anonymous15:50

    da li mi se samo cini ili bas raspada taj spoljni deo terminala

    1. Anonymous16:18

      Cini ti se, A/P je OK, problem je broj stajanki i mali kapacitet zgrade.Ako jedan avion kasni, pocinje bas guzva

  3. Radnik17:05

    58 aircraft for 14 hours because Tivat airport is opet just from 6am to sunset.

  4. Anonymous20:58



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