Turks offer concession for Tuzla Airport


Turkish company Kozuva Cay Evihas has offered to take over Tuzla Airport as part of a concession agreement. The conglomerate, with interests in construction and infrastructure, runs the international airport in Mogadishu in Somalia. The company has submitted its offer to the Canton government of Tuzla, which is now considering the proposal. The two sides have agreed to meet again to discuss details of the potential concession. "If the offer is good, there is a big probability that it will be accepted, if not, we will continue pushing on with our plans. If the airport is given up for concession, it should be noted, that we wouldn't lose a thing", the General Manager of Tuzla Airport, Rifet Karasalihović, said.


  1. Anonymous12:40

    Oh wow, now that's EXOTIC! Turkish company running the Mogadishu Airport (MGQ)


    So TZL will have closer ties with Somalia ;)

  2. Anonymous18:57

    Are Turks the only ones that don't translate the name of the company in English when applying for a tender?

  3. Anonymous21:09

    Tuzla Airport July: 67.438 +6,8%, ytd 342.853 +18,8% :)

    1. Anonymous22:08

      In which top 10 position will it be this year? These figures are serious.

    2. Anonymous22:11

      It won't be in top ten. Sarajevo will be 10th with over a million passengers


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