Wizz Air to launch new routes from Pristina

Low cost carrier Wizz Air will expand its operations from Pristina with the introduction of three new routes this coming winter season. The airline will add three weekly flights from Memmingen starting October 30, from Basel on November 20 and Dortmund on December 15. All three will be maintained on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with Airbus A320 aircraft.

RouteLaunch date
Memmingen - Pristina30.10.2018
Basel - Pristina20.11.2018
Dortmund - Pristina15.12.2018
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The new services will complement Wizz Air’s existing flights from Budapest and London Luton to Pristina. In a statement, Wizz Air said, “Wizz continues to grow throughout Europe and beyond, by stimulating traffic with the lowest fares and while earning the trust and loyalty of its customers who enjoy the great value travel experience. Wizz Air is a significant contributor to the growth of local economies in the communities in which it operates and will continue to stimulating the job market in aviation support services as well as in local tourism and hospitality industries”.


  1. Anonymous13:07

    Great news for PRN! This shows that there is enough demand for both SKP and PRN.

  2. Anonymous13:14

    also there will be 3 new routes launched from SKP. i don't think that this expansion will affect SKP flights to these cities as Memmingen is 3 weekly with a321, DTM is also 3 weekly and Basel market is well covered from PRN with 3 carriers already flying to the city and BSL is 7 weekly from SKP

  3. Anonymous13:30

    Brilliant news for both TIA and PRN !

    PRN-LTN is also being increased from 3 to 5 weekly in winter!!!!
    So, there will be a heated competition with SKP and INI.

    Good luck PRN and big BRAVO!!

  4. Anonymous13:36

    Terrible product. They should fix it before they expand.

    1. Anonymous16:30

      haters gonna hate! Actually this is really good for the region.

  5. Anonymous14:29

    Are the routes gasto or tourism?

    1. Anonymous14:37

      Pristina tourism?

  6. Next time Copenhagen-Pristina

  7. Anonymous14:51

    And the new round of subsidies from the Macedonian government was canceled today because the name of the applicant and their official address was not written on the application.
    W6 was the only applicant.
    I think we are about to see a silent war between the Macedonian government and W6...lets see what will happen...

    1. Anonymous15:03

      I also think there is something cooking here.
      My theory is that the Macedonian Government would like to stimulate more diversity out of SKP, and thats why the annulled the tender with the explanation that "an address was missing in the application" and as a result, W6 will launch routes out of PRN which are also served out of SKP

    2. Anonymous15:14

      I really hope that's not the case. If true, then we are back to the "Balkan" ways of doing business and SKP is in trouble.

    3. Anonymous15:23

      Reading too much into it as usual.

      A classic case of "A gde je pecat?" ..

    4. Anonymous15:25

      Скопје повеќе не му требаат нови летови. Германија, Швајцарија и Шведска се покриени. Се уште има надеж да го спасиме Bекше.

    5. Anonymous15:26

      Nice to see Pristina too getting Wizzair flights, no longer will Skopje alone hold monopoly. Would be interesting to see long term development of both airports now that Wizz is flying out of Pristina.

    6. Anonymous16:05

      so many rekla-kazala comments here

    7. Anonymous16:58

      Wonderful great news for both Pristina and Wizz Air in the future, Keep going PRN!

    8. Anonymous21:28

      Really pleased for Pristina, time for Pristina to benefit from WizzAir's cheap tickets too.

  8. Wizzair has made clever and right desicion, as mostly travelers where from Kosovo and from abroat to Kosovo,but they was forced to use SKP airoport therefore i further recommend to settle to Europe even more new destinations from PRN


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