Zagreb Airport records busiest July


Zagreb Airport has registered its busiest July on record by handling 379.193 passengers, representing an increase of 7.9%. The number of aircraft movements stood at 4.461, up 7.2%. During the January - July period, the airport welcomed 1.850.821 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 9.7%, while aircraft movements grew 5.1% to 24.866. The airport added just over 163.000 passengers so far  this year when compared to 2017.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN191.276 13.3
FEB170.658 10.3
MAR223.642 16.2
APR253.853 5.7
MAY300.676 11.8
JUN331.533 6.6
JUL379.193 7.9


  1. Anonymous13:51

    Let's hope more airlines announce more flights in winter so that we can keep growing at this pace.

    1. Anonymous19:43

      Agree! When will they announce US or China flights?

    2. Anonymous08:58

      Yes, when?

  2. Anonymous13:55

    Was this sharp increase thanks to the EK flights?

    1. Anonymous13:57

      Not just EK, there is Air Canada which is doing extremely well in ZAG. I wouldn't be surprised if they stay in winter.

    2. Air Transat fligts are also full all the time and they pack those A330-200s with 420 pax. Agean, Norwegian from Copenhagen and Stockholm, Iberia from Madrid, Vueling flying not only from Barcelona but Seville as well, new Eurowings route/s from Germany, LOT is doing great...etc.
      Regardless, the passenger numbers grew faster than the number of flights,the potential is still there. We need way more routes from the UK.
      Zagreb is No. 5 on the coolest city breaks list in Europe this year, after Copenhagen (yay!), Luxembourg, Tallinn and Helsinki. After Zagreb are Vilnius, Riga and Stockholm. Luxembourg and Zagreb are essentially guests on the Baltic states list. :)

    3. Anonymous15:06

      Nice! :D I loved Zagreb, so I can't blame the statistics.

      I visited ZAG before the demise of MA in 2009. Route: SOF-BUD-ZAG
      BUD-ZAG was operated with Brasilia 120 ;-) Super nice experience. Soletti & water.

      Total price: 79€ (Duna Club miles + special rate)

    4. Anonymous17:07

      Michael, Transat has 345 seats in A332. Where do they pack other 75 passengers per flight according to your sources? LD3 containers or on the wing?

    5. Anonymous17:28

      Speaking of top global destinations for 2018, NY Times only pick in the region at number 32:

    6. Anonymous19:42

      Anon 17:28, been there, done that! Croatia was, is and will be on all those lists. Check out last year's top 5 in NY Times:

    7. I think I got that from reading comments here, lol! I don't have a first hand experience, but that plane can pack over 400 passengers in a one-class cofiguration.
      You're right tho, I checked...they offer a two class 345 pax config.'s a lot. Usually A330-200 flies with approx. 250 - 280 seats.

    8. Anonymous20:56

      and WILL BE on all those lists

      That's how you get in trouble. How do you know what will happen in the future? Your predictions missed many times. Don't get your comment deleted again.

  3. Anonymous14:11

    Growth rate is higher than both Split and Dubrovnik, very interesting to see such results during peak summer months.

  4. Anonymous15:08

    Great, so Croatia will really end up handling 12 million pax this year. Very nice :) Congrats all airports in Croatia from Germany.

    1. Anonymous15:12

      No one cheers more for Croatia than Germany, so Danke Deutschland. :)

    2. Anonymous15:15

      3 times its population?

    3. Anonymous15:17

      Even a bit more as according to some estimates our population has slipped under 4 million.

    4. Anonymous16:18

      @Anonymous9 August 2018 at 15:08

      11 million not 12 million.

      To Summarize pax in 000:

      Zagreb: 3400
      Split: 3250
      Dubrovnik: 2550
      Pula: 700
      Zadar: 650
      Rijeka: 170
      Osijek: 50
      Brac: 50

      So nearly 11 million. Would have been 11 million if Dubrovnik, Zadar and Zagreb didn't under perform.

    5. well DBV and ZAG both have grown passenger wise- what so you mean they have underperformed?

    6. Anonymous06:01

      @Unknown9 August 2018 at 22:44

      Dubrovnik was projected 2.75 million pax for this year, now 2.55 looks most likely. 200k shortfall.

      Zagreb's April and June numbers are terrible, July numbers were saved by World cup charters which added extra 7000pax. OK weather was really bad, so this might have influenced the overall numbers, number of flights offered was up by 7.2% but this hasn't reflected in actual pax numbers, the pax numbers went up by around 6%. Charters saving the day.

      Load Factor per operation was only slightly higher than last year, from 84.2 to 85 this year, this isn't encouraging, should have been around 87 or July numbers should have been around 390 000.

      April and June were also short by around 25 000 between the two months.

      We'll see how August performs, number of operations is up for august, and additional charters should bring number bit up, but my projection is right now 375 000.

      The rest of the year should look like this.

      1-7 = 1.85 million
      August - 375k
      September - 360k
      October - 325k
      November - 240k
      December - 225k

      Total: 3375k, so 125k short of projected number for 2018. Well I projected 3.4 million, but still 25k short of my modest projection.

      2019 now looks like 3.7 million and 2020, 4 million.
      Question of low cost operators if the airport wants to raise numbers fast, like Belgrade could come on agenda.

    7. Anonymous08:17

      Don't forget that when Wizz Air started flying from BEG it almost brought JU to its knees and it seriously affected some other airlines. If they launch ZAG it will be the same scenario. It might be the end of OU.

  5. Anonymous17:42

    Can we expect flights from ZAG to SVQ (one of the Spanish jewels) or AGP (Antonio Banderas hometown + very nice city and beach) to diversify a bit?

    1. Anonymous06:08

      Banmderas is from Malaga, but yes, there are plans to start flights to both airports and Palma as well. I expect inn 2020, Vueling will fly seasonal to Malaga, Valencia, Sevile and Malaga, and year round to Barcelona. Iberia to Madrid.

  6. Sta bi ovi botanicari sto mjere organsko/anorgansko rekli.....cca 200 000 mjesecno bi bio negdje tzv.organski promet ZAG....

    Gledajuci brojke, ne vidim tu neku izrazenu sezonialnost.

  7. Anonymous14:19

    My family and I contributed to these July pax statistics. We traveled to Zagreb from YYZ on Air Rouge in July (originating in Boston); we usually fly Lufty and change in Munich, but wanted to experience a direct flight from North America. Air Rouge from Toronto was pleasant and on time and we enjoyed the premium economy seats, altho the Boeing 767-300 is a bit long in the tooth. The return from Zagreb was also on time, but the bag check process in Zagreb was very inefficient and under-staffed by Air Rouge. Kudos to the designers of the new Zagreb airport: airy terminal, dual level roadway for arrivals/departures, upgraded concessions. I believe the rental car experience still needs improvement; at the vehicle pick up area, the companies work out of what are essentially sheds. I wonder whether a consolidated RAC is in the planning stage?


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