Adria to end Geneva service


Adria Airways will discontinue flights between Ljubljana and Geneva this week, with the last service scheduled to operate tomorrow, Thursday, Sptember 13. The Slovenian carrier, which launched the route in March, maintained three weekly flights. It is unclear whether the airline will resume operations between the two cities next summer season. The route was initially envisaged as a year-round service.


  1. Anonymous14:31

    What a pity... I'm sure they'll find a quick replacement.
    Out of the new 6 destinations, two did not make it: BWK & GVA.

    1. Bwk was not cancelled, it will continue next summer

    2. Anonymous14:45

      Don’t worry they will start LED this winter or in spring it’s confirmed already

    3. Anonymous14:49

      Super news!

    4. Anonymous15:32

      What is your source on LED being confirmed already? If it was confirmed already, wouldn't it be known then if it would start in Winter or summer?

  2. Anonymous14:48

    Geneva has mostly business passengers and for that you need at least 6pw rotation (mon-sat).

  3. Anonymous15:05

    No suprise. That's what happens if you try to reinvent the weel. LJU is very limited market. That's why we apppreciate to have JP just as it is. Just don't overkill yourself.

  4. Anonymous18:02

    Bwk is not on adria destination list...

  5. Avro RJ100 Fan13:24

    And yet someone the other day described SKP-GVA as a 'low-hanging fruit' for low-cost airlines. The same route that LX failed to make it work with a <100 seat Avro RJ100 (granted LX is not low-cost, but still).

    In addition to LJU, JP could rely on connecting passengers from at least SJJ, TGD, PRN, SKP, and TIA, but still could not make it work thrice weekly.

    It's a shame, but also a reminder that talk is cheap.

    1. Anonymous14:03

      EasyJet is flying GVA-PRN successfully for 3-4 years now. There is no excuse why they didnt start GVA-SKP yet.


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