Brač Airport outlines expansion plans


Brač Airport plans to extend its runway, as well as overhaul its terminal building in the second phase of its expansion project. The island airport intends on extending the runway from the current 1.760 metres to 2.400 metres, and widening it from thirty metres to 45 metres. Last year, Brač Airport lengthened its runway by 320 metres, allowing it to handle jet-engine aircraft. This has resulted in traffic growth, with the airport welcoming 22.199 passengers during the January - August period, representing an increase of 34.8%. It has already overtaken its 2017 end-of-year result which amounted to 21.596 travellers. The airport has also outlined plans to expand its terminal building in order enable it to handle three aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800 or the Airbus A320 at the same time. The project is expected to be completed by 2021.


  1. this is an major milestone for the airport

  2. Anonymous13:12

    3 aircraft at once?? Wow, that's almost what INI handles.
    Brawo BWK!

    1. Jedno je sigurno, SPU ce svoj vrhunac dostici upravo tada, 2021.
      Do tada ce BWK morati zavrsiti s ovim planom.
      Do tada ce i Peljeski most biti zavrsen.
      Tako da, nece biti nikakve potrebe za nekim megalomanskim planom nekog novog Splitskog aerudruma

  3. If Brać can sustain an airport than why not Hvar? Pretty sure Hvar gets more visitors than Brać??

    1. Anonymous15:10

      Because BWK is one of a kind. It differs from the rest of the airports. People want peace and quiet and not only parties with drunk UK tourists.
      I hope it never gets that big and remains like this.

    2. Anonymous20:37

      Actually, Hvar does not need a separate airport. Brač airport can easily serve both touristic islands as it is conveniently situated right above Bol. The only thing needed is a very short ferry line between Brač and Hvar, from Bol to Jelsa or Stari Grad, at least seasonally. Those are just a few kilometres by boat and I am certain such ferry would be extremely profitable and very high yielding during the whole summer season. It is such a shame that you cannot move between the two very close islands- well by foot only if you know someone who owns a boat or you charter your own taxi boat which is expensive. Going by car is impossible without a huge and very time consuming detour via the mainland. In order to take your car you need to take a ferry from Brac to Makarska, then drive on the mainland to Drvenik and then take a ferry to Sucuraj only and from there drive again a really long time on way too small roads to the hotspots on Hvar. Traffic infrastructure is a real disaster!

  4. Anonymous17:14

    Interesting, now I would like to see how Split Airport planned its expansion. Of course, we know how the new terminal is going to look like, but they also mentioned enlarged apron and new taxiways. I would like to see how those look like.

  5. Anonymous17:22

    Any plan to build a GAT or a VIP lounge inside the new terminal?

  6. Anonymous20:22

    The Information given in the article are fairly basic, unfortunately. I would like to know more details such as what are timelines of the stages and milestones until the completion of the project. Will the runway be lengthened at first, meaning before 2021 (for summer 2019)? I remember the last extension was completed within a few months from the end of the planning stage.

    Is it an obstacle for any airlines that only have A320/B737 that they do not want to start ops with the current runway length of less than 1800m?

    What is the planned terminal capacity from 2021?

    What Is the current terminal capacity?


    Interesting video of the southern approach of how steep the terrain drops off.


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