Montenegro Airlines handles half a million passengers


Montenegro Airlines handled its 500.000th passenger of the year last Friday as the airline continues to boast strong growth. The traveller arrived in Podgorica on a flight from Zurich. The company's CEO, Živko Banjević, said, "Half a million passengers in less than nine months, within a very competitive environment, is a major success for Montenegro Airlines and the Montenegrin tourism industry. This milestone represents a suitable start to marking a quarter of a century of the airline's existence". Montenegro Airlines anticipates welcoming 620.000 passengers by year's end. The lucky 500.000th traveller, who was upgraded to business class on his flight, also received a holiday package for two.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    NIce! Plastic glasses in Biz Class :D!

  2. Anonymous11:34

    totally staged

    1. I dont buy it rihter. Looks like a relativen of simone important.

    2. Either *
      Someone **

  3. Anonymous13:28

    A gle gde stevka drzi flasu, lele....

  4. Anonymous19:23

    dobro je Montenegro airlines ide dalje


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