Niš Airport to maintain low fees


Niš Constantine the Great Airport has said it will maintain its three euro fee for airlines which has been credited with attracting the likes of Ryanair, Wizz Air and Swiss International Air Lines. The airport's new General Manager, Dušan Knežević, said the three carriers have all signed contracts with the airport until 2021 and 2022, meaning that the airport's fees will remain unchanged until then. The government's takeover of the airport from local authorities in July stoked fears that charges for handling and landing would be increased, and thus deter airlines from launching flights to the city, which has traditionally struggled to attract carriers and passengers alike. Wizz Air will introduce flights from Vienna to Niš on November 15.


  1. Anonymous13:42

    BRAVO Niš!!!
    БРАВО Ниш!!!

    I am so happy for you. I think it's high time to start lobbying for a new FR or W6 base as well as Pobeda. Good luck towards the million mark.

    1. Anonymous14:02

      Pobeda has nothing to do in Nis, sorry.

    2. Anonymous14:20

      Excuse you, Serbians don't need a visa to the Russian Federation and Moscow is one the busiest routes in Belgrade.

    3. Anonymous01:23

      In Belgrade, not in Nis.

  2. Anonymous15:20

    Maybe Eurowings could consider INI especially since they failed in BEG so many times until now.

  3. Anonymous15:21

    NIS has done it damn right

    1. Anonymous15:24

      They also managed to keep on growing despite losing EIN and Germania.

    2. Anonymous16:17

      And LX sends regularly A320! On many days of the week you have 3 daily flights and reach up to 4 e.g. Sept 7th :D super work!

    3. Anonymous17:56

      it can def attract passengers from Bulgaria on Swiss and Scandinavian routes, bravo INI!

    4. Anonymous17:57

      *routes which are missing or underserved from there

  4. Anonymous17:46

    The Nis airport runway asphalt after 1 extensive year of use of different airlines with bigger Airbus aircraft is already worn off with some cracks according to European safety agency report this year.For Nis airport optimum use is for ATR Air Serbia planes almost no damage to ashalt runway surface.

    1. Anonymous18:06

      Could you provide us a source for the report?

    2. Anonymous18:14

      What? How is this possible if there are barely 4 flights a day? I know this happened in OTP but I think they fixed it...

  5. Anonymous18:12

    INI had only 1% passangers increase in august, compared to last year. One of the bussiest month in the year!

    1. Anonymous18:17

      What are the figures? Do you have them?

    2. Anonymous18:26

      'Kroz putnički terminal niškog aerodroma "Konstantin Veliki" ovog meseca prošlo je skoro 31 hiljada putnika što predstavlja rast od 1% u odnosu na isti mesec prošle godine, ali i najbolji rezultat za avgust od otvaranja aerodroma 1986.godine.

      Iz meseca u mesec broj putnika raste, tako je i za prvih 8 meseci ove godine u odnosu na prošlu broj putnika porastao za 11% odnosno od 1.januara do 31.avgusta ove godine kroz ovaj aerodrom je prošlo 236.949 putnika, za razliku od istog perioda prošle godine kada je letelo 213.327 putnika. '

    3. Anonymous19:33

      Quarter million for 8 months! That's simply amazing! Nice developments Niš!

      Does anyone know how many tourists visited the city? And if yes, where from?

    4. Nemjee20:14

      21.321 tourists in July while so far this year there were 111.350 . July numbers were the same as last year while this year overall numbers grew by 11%.

      Foreign arrivals grew by 17% in July (14.131), in the first 7 months there were 56.705 foreign visitors or 16% more than last year.

  6. Anonymous18:47

    Sorry, but this is no news.

    Of course they have to keep the fees for the duration of the contracts.

    What would be interesting to see is whether they keep them afterwards or they raise them and by how much, and also whether they will move a finger to attract new carriers under the 3 euro fee.

    I see no reason for optimism as of yet.

    1. Anonymous19:37

      Mate, get a grip and READ the bloody article>>> Dušan Knežević, said the three carriers have all signed contracts with the airport until 2021 and 2022<<<<<

      The 3€ are guaranteed by GoS for a further 4 years, which means Wizzair and co will enjoy the low fares and increase the current frequencies and new routes.
      I am sure they were waiting for the confirmation from the airport authorities and didn't want to launch any new destination to avoid the risk of the airport fee being increased.
      Ryanair also adore low airport fees so it will be an opportunity for them.

      What bothers me is that there are extra Xmas flights neither by W6 nor FR. They did this with many other aiports but not INI.

    2. Nemjee20:16

      I think Ryanair had some extra flights the first year they started flying. From what I remember their BTS flights have average loads of some 78% which isn't that great.

    3. Anonymous20:38

      Hello Nemjee,

      Do you think Wizzair will crush them in November? Is this why they are sending the A321 from VIE?

    4. Nemjee20:46

      Absolutely. There are more and more Serbs moving to Slovakia to work but I don't think they will be the right kind of people to make BTS-INI work for Ryanair.

      Once Wizz Air launches flights, I am sure Ryanair will respond by launching its own flights with Laudamotion. They do plan on doubling their fleet by next summer. Then again, who knows, maybe Laudamotion will launch VIE-BEG. I see that happening as well.

    5. Anonymous21:29

      Slovakia was never that rich..surprised about the Serbs moving there and not Slovenia for example.
      I have read that Lauda is going to significantly increase its floo fleet and size and strong rumours that they are going to inherit the old Niki routes including Belgrade.
      Any thoughts?

    6. Nemjee22:44

      I think most Serbs are moving there to work in construction as a lot of Slovaks have emigrated to western Europe. A lot of Serbs are going to The Czech Republic as well.

      Well, there isn't much to inherit as it's an open market but I am sure they are going to be back in this area. I think they are too busy fighting for the more lucrative markets at the moment. Austrians are lucky, flying out of Vienna will be so cheap... at least for now. Let's see who makes it in the end, there's too much capacity at the moment. Reminds me a bit of Sofia when both Wizz Air and Ryanair started fighting for the marketshare.

      As for Vienna, all that's missing is for Norwegian to launch lowcost, long-haul flights out of there and then we would have the full circus.


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