Pula Airport sets post-independence record


Pula Airport handled its 600.000th traveller of the year yesterday, marking its best figure since the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Consequently, it has already surpassed 2017's end-of-year result when it welcomed 595.812 passengers through its doors. In a statement, Pula Airport's General Manager, Svemir Radmilo, said, "This year we expect to exceed 700.000 passengers and we hope to surpass the number of travellers from 1987 when 701.370 passed through our airport. It should be stressed that this achievement is shared by all tourism stakeholders in Istria, primarily the Tourist Board of the Istrian Region, the hotel industry with its investments in new facilities, as well as the skills of negotiating and presenting carriers with the beauty of Istria and the possibilities for an attractive vacation". Pula Airport has seen its passenger numbers grow over 20% so this year. This summer, it was linked with twenty countries and was served by the wide-body Boeing 787 Dreamliner on a regular basis.


  1. Anonymous14:56

    Widebody regional airport...whoa!!! The big boys will be mad :D

  2. Anonymous17:41

    Bravo Pula!

  3. Anonymous19:20

    Pula going ways, clearly, hopefully 710 000 this year, or more. Next, 750 000 quite possible, even 800 000.

    1. Anonymous19:36

      I think 1 million can be achieved by 2021. Jet2.com are expanding agressively next year, which means other airlines will be forced to bring bigger planes to compete which will lead to more numbers. So given the current growth rate for 2017 was +37%, then this year 15% and if it maintains a growth of +15 then:

      2019 - 750,000
      2020 - 862,500
      2021 - 991,875

      Interesting times ahead.

    2. 1 million is possible

    3. @19:36

      How will Jet2.com expand in Pula? until now, a rotation to EDI is canceled and BHX gets a rotation. even more planned?

    4. Anonymous09:25

      Yes, there will be a new service from Birmingham starting 12/05/2018

    5. That’s not really aggressively expanding with one flight per week

  4. Anonymous14:50

    Bravo Pula, bravo Istra ��


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