Qatar Airways hiring in Sarajevo and Skopje


Qatar Airways will be hiring new cabin crew members in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia this September. The Doha-based airline will host an open day in Sarajevo on September 15 at the Radon Plaza Hotel (Džemala Bijedića 185) at 09.00 sharp and in Skopje on September 16 at the Holiday Inn (Filip Vtori Makedonski 5) also at 09.00. Those interested must register beforehand. Requirements include a minimum age of 21 years, arm reach of 212 cm on tip toes, high school education with fluency in written and spoken English, as well as excellent health and fitness. Benefits include a tax-free salary, international health insurance, complimentary shared accommodation in Doha, thirty days of annual leave and one free return ticket per year to your country of origin. Further details, as well as the application form, for the Sarajevo event can be found here and for the Skopje open day here.


  1. Anonymous15:15

    Do Macedonians usually choose Qatar as a work destination?


    1. Anonymous15:53

      There is quite a few Macedonians working as QR cabin crew. The airline has the strictest rules out of the middle east big 3 airlines but pay is good, around 2,500 euros a month plus free accommodation, insurance etc.

    2. Anonymous16:59

      I read somewhere that there are around 4000 Macedonians living and working in Qatar

    3. Anonymous17:59

      4000?? Wow! That's a lot!!!
      I think it's the same figure of Serbs in Malta.


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