Split Airport registers strong August


Split Airport saw its busiest August on record by handling 627.846 passengers, representing an increase of 5.7%. During the first eight months of the year, the airport welcomed 2.343.983 travellers through its doors, up 10.4%. So far, it has added over 220.000 passengers compared to the same period in 2017. It anticipates welcoming its record third millionth passenger by year's end.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN33.699 10.8
FEB30.629 28.0
MAR53.165 57.2
APR124.352 0.9
MAY304.135 18.1
JUN474.646 17.6
JUL695.506 5.9
AUG627.846 5.7


  1. Anonymous11:11

    On the other hand ZAD is decreasing in pax ... the airport that should have better numbers than SPU is being drowned. Unbelievable.

    1. Anonymous11:17

      Third month this year. :( :(

    2. Anonymous11:18

      Bad management at ZAD!

    3. Anonymous11:26

      If there would be any intelligence in the govt. those two airports would be merged into a single company and managed as a one unit. The distance between those is just 115 km and ZAD:
      a) has two runways
      b) has taxiways
      c) the airport can easily be extended
      d) airport is close to the highway
      Working together investments at SPU could be reduced and better results achieved.

    4. Anonymous11:39

      A srediste novoosnovane pravne osobe smjestiti u Sibenik.
      Aerodrome pritom preimenivati u Sibenik Istok i Sibenik Zapad

    5. Anonymous11:42

      Nije li ZAD nedavno dobio nova dirrktora po politickoj liniji?

    6. Anonymous12:24

      Zadar se sa godinama pozicionirao iskljucivo kao LCC destinacija. Po zimi ima jedino liniju za Zagreb koja je potpuno nerentabilna. U stvari i ZAD i PUY i RJK mogu komotno biti sezonske zračne luke, raditi od APR-OCT i ostatak godine biti zatvorene. Split je ipak povecanje broja frekvencija, linija, kompanija radio pametnije i nije se doveo u situaciju da ga sada ucjenjuju.

    7. Anonymous15:37

      So my original prediction for Split airport in 2018 was 3.25 million, than I revised my projections based on July outcome, down to 3,14 million, now again I need to revise my projections down to 3.1 million.

      So my projections for this year, now revised again: look like this.

      Croatian Traffic in 000:
      Zagreb: 3380
      Split: 3100
      Dubrovnik: 2550
      Pula: 710
      Zadar: 620
      Rijeka: 175
      Osijek: 50
      Brac: 20

      Total: 10605

      400k short of 11 million.

      Hopefully in 2019, we'll hit 12 million.

    8. Anonymous16:36

      Will Split surpass Zagrab next year?

    9. Anonymous16:57

      Brac 27000 -28500

    10. Anonymous16:59

      @Anonymous5 September 2018 at 16:36

      This was the year Split should have taken No 1 position in Croatia, Zagreb was stagnating for long period due to small terminal, now that new terminal is up and running, things will speed up for Zagreb.

      Split has its own problems, one issue, issue of terminal should be solved next season when new terminal is up and running, allowing for more traffic and better passenger flow, however serious problem for Split airport and something that will stall Split Airport's more rapid growth is runway and lack of taxiway.

      If Split airport management could re-direct flights to other days in the week, and somehow reduce congestion on weekends, Saturday and Sunday are so busy soon literately there'll be no free slots available, i think this could happen in 2022, in July and August, perhaps growth might not be more than 5%, in these months.

      If Split airport can secure taxiway by 2025, numbers will go up at decent rate, but no, I don't think Split airport will surpass Zagreb next year. It'll continue to have busier summer months, June, July, August and even September.

      However, next year Zagreb will most likely handle 3.7 million pax, Split around 3.4 million, and 2020, Zagreb will reach 4.0 million, Split could achieve 3.7 million. However, 3.4 million figure is dependent on better performance in high season months, assuming next year In July Split handles 750 000, August 700 000 and September 500 000 pax.

      So no, chances of Split surpassing Zagreb in 2019 or 2020,are very very tiny, the figures just don't add up for Split. Also, problem with split airport is, much of the traffic at the airport in high season is during the weekends.

      During the week, airport is half empty. Management needs to push carriers to switch to weekdays, Monday-Thursday, on these days Airport barely has 10 000 pax. Reason why perhaps new terminal isn't that big, as there's little need for massive terminal on weekdays.

    11. Anonymous17:21

      Okay good points but ZAG already has a bigger terminal since the beginning of last year. Despite of this ZAG concluded the year with 9,7%, while SPU with 12,2% and ZAG had 9 whole months of a big terminal
      This year SPU has shown no signs of decrease and this July it reached levels achieved by bigger Balkan capitals such as BEG and SOF.
      Next year more UK tourists are expected to arrive and honestly if it continues to grow with 12% then it will surpass ZAG for sure.
      ZAG has not 1 sole new destination for 2019 inspite of the new, bigger terminal.
      Also remember that the first 3 months of 2019, ZAG will see much fewer flights. No A3 flights and no EK widebodies - this all shows affect.
      We will see.

    12. Anonymous17:54

      Also OK won't be flying for much of winter thought they were not going to make such a big impact... then again neither would Aegean with its two weekly flights.

    13. Yes, those figures seem realistic. Split should reach 3 million or thereabouts by the end of October while in November and December it could have 45-50,000 pax. bringing it to 3,09-3,1 mill by year's end.
      Zagreb should have some 2,22 million pax in the first 8 months once the August figures are in and it'll again remain behind Split until November. Just like last year.

    14. Anonymous18:48

      SPU from 3,1 mio pax to 3,7 mio next year is a growth of more than 20 %.
      i believe u r being overly optimistic about growth next year, especially with Turkey and co. opening for summer vacation.
      On the other hand, my least favorite discussions on this blog are these ridiculous projections about pax nr at airports for the next 100 years.

    15. Anonymous19:29

      Nothing wrong about projections, nobody said we are experts. It's just a fun topic and kind of healthy competition amongst all airports. The Balkans have evolutioned and will never be the same again. In the meantime, Split has really proved to be powerful putting so many other Greek, Spanish and Italian airports behind.

    16. Ne znam bas tko to pocinje godisnji usred tjedna.....
      Tako da.....idea o pritiskanju kompanija o izmjenama rasporeda je u najmanju ruku glupasta

  2. Anonymous11:13

    It will be interesting to see the numbers for September at SPU. The season is extending year after year and I would expect another 10% increase for September 2018.

    1. Anonymous16:28

      Don't think it'll be 10% but yes, season has been extended from May 1st to October 1st with pre-season now being April and post season being October.

      With the arrival of Korean Air, and soon Chinese carriers, the post-season will be extended over the winter months, and potentially we're looking at good numbers year round.

      January: 33,699
      February: 30,629
      March: 53,165
      April: 124,352
      May: 304,135
      June: 474,646
      July: 695,506
      August: 627,846
      September: 455,000
      October: 235,000
      November: 40,000
      December: 40,000

      Total: 3115,000 ~

  3. Anonymous11:57

    So in July, SPU was the busiest airport in ex-Yugoslavia!!

    1. Anonymous11:59


    2. Anonymous12:27

      WOOOOOWW!!!! What a beast SPU is! Will it reach 750,000 next year ¿

    3. Anonymous13:03

      Smartwings goes year round from PRG to both SPU and DBV 3 times a week. Seasonality is being ironed out slowly.

    4. Anonymous13:43

      I read on Wiki that OK will operate their crappy ATRs instead, is that true?

    5. Anonymous14:11

      OK is an embarassment.

  4. Anonymous13:04

    Shame that growth is slowing down

    1. Anonymous13:13

      It is logical, that growth comes on virtually 0% increase of flights limited by the facilities.
      In comparison with the BEG which had virtually the same PAX numbers, BEG has a slightly better (bigger) infrastructure.

    2. Anonymous13:47

      Well this whole year BEG had 3% more flights with 7% more passengers. They are being smart as they are probably encouraging airlines to send larger planes. There are barely any turboprop aircraft left besides JU's Atrs.

    3. Anonymous13:54

      Exactly what I am saying. SPU cannot encourage anyone to send larger aircraft, as the runway will not allow anything bigger than the 321 or 757. Infrastructure restriction as I say.

    4. Anonymous14:08

      They can increase to B767 as they don't take off close to MTOW.

    5. Anonymous14:10

      Talking of BEG, the extra flight on OS from 21.09 was already increased to A319 from the E95!

    6. Anonymous14:41

      Alo, entuzijasti, bez rulnica na SPU nema govora o povecanju kapaciteta.

    7. Anonymous15:40

      Split could reach 5 million PAX next year. IF-IF-IF it increased terminal capacity and manouvering surfaces like apron and taxiways and attracted the likes of WIZZ or RYANAIR. Ryanair flies to virtually any greece Island. Look at Sofia. Its a wonder what WIZZ and Ryanair did there. I recently flew to Sofia from Frankfurt on WIZZ for 40 EUR return. The flight was packed.

  5. Anonymous13:26

    SPU extension is badly needed. This July I was flying to Belgrade. Check in was done in temporary extension outdoor facility but staff overall was very attentive and helpful. Really doing their best. Departure/gate area was really chaotic with some 3000+ people squeezed in area suitable for 1000. i really hope they will manage to finish the extension for the next summer season.

  6. Anonymous13:45

    I really like the OU photo, especially with the clouds and dramatic sky. Posing proudly like a true legacy in one of Croatia's and Balkans busiest airports. Thank you photographer.

    1. Anonymous13:47

      Busiest maybe in Croatia but in the Balkans SPU is a tiny player.

    2. Anonymous14:00

      11th place is not bad at all!!


    3. Anonymous14:33

      WOW so TIA will overtake SPU this year! :O Who would have thought.

    4. Anonymous15:11

      Kos will also overtake DBV.

    5. Kos is an island

    6. Anonymous16:26

      Wow! The number of airports in Greece is impressive, a total of 39!!!
      Croatia: 9 :) ;) :*
      What is also impressive is that Nis is now 34th position.
      Also BNX will jump a lot after Ryan arrive it might climb from position 58 to 35.

    7. Anonymous17:56

      easyJet so what? Kos is a tiny island (287 km2) in size yet it manages to handle more passengers than Dubrovnik which is presented here as the next best thing in the world of tourism. Pretty embarassing.

    8. Anonymous18:20

      What's so special about Kos? Is the terminal bigger than DBV?
      DBV is much more famous though...

    9. Anonymous20:24

      Yet Kos will have more passengers in 2018 so there has to be something special about them? Maybe Greeks are just better at tourism.

    10. Anonymous20:47

      Some airports in the list just made crazy figures last year.

      OSI: +97% - lunatic growth!
      BWK: 53,3% - simply impressive!
      KVA 47,3% - interesting!
      RJK 36,2% - Bravo Hrvatska!
      VAR 25,6% - JU, please return!
      PUY 23,1% - Bravo Hravtska!
      SKP 20,8% - bravissimo!
      INI 12,0% - well done!!!

    11. Anonymous02:11

      Well, if you had only 1 pax last year and this year you have 2, that's the 100% increase. Or lunatic growth. Crazy figures, no?

    12. Anonymous06:04

      Didn't INI have like 300% growth the first year airlines started flying there?

  7. Citaj amo.
    Za nas koji zivimo u srednjoj Dalmaciji.....SPU s vise od 5 000 000 putnika bi bio propast.

    Ne zelim megalomanske blokove turisticke namjene na svakom koraku koji bi radili 5 mjeseci u godini.

    Ovakav promet kakav je je i vise nego dostatan.
    Ako zelimo veci, molim ljepo, osmisliti nacin kako bi postojeci kapaciteti bili uposleni svih 12 mjeseci u godini.

    Hvala ljepa.

    1. Anonymous15:10

      As if the government cares. All they want is more income from tourism to fill the holes in the budget.

    2. Anonymous15:30

      Na osnovu nekih prethodnih komentara se i dalo zaključiti da živiš u srednjoj Dalmaciji.

    3. Bravo za tebe.
      No, ja se s pozarima ipak volim nisiti prije nego se rasplamsaju.

  8. Anonymous17:50

    Landing fee is lowered in recent years but the Split airport profit margin is lower, sadly no profit increase,only traffic increase is registered.Very tough working conditions for employees

  9. Alo, mjeritelji, citaj amo, ne mozes kil sljiva prodati pod cjenu litre rakije.

    Sad jasnije?

  10. Anonymous01:14




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