Transavia to launch Zadar flights


Low cost carrier Transavia will introduce flights to Zadar next summer season. The Air France - KLM subsidiary will launch seasonal operations from Rotterdam and Eindhoven to the coastal city in April 2019. Tickets are yet to be put up for sale. During 2018, Transavia commenced flights from Rotterdam to both Dubrovnik and Pula, as well as from Eindhoven to Rijeka. Zadar Airport handled 446.231 passengers during the January - August period, representing an increase of 0.6%.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Congratulations Zadar! Finally something different.

    1. Anonymous21:47

      yeah very nice for zadar this will kncrease the pax the demand from Benelux to Croatia is huge

  2. Anonymous10:33

    So they will fly to BEG, LJU and ZAD. BadiBasic all airports around ZAG.

    1. Anonymous12:18

      ZAG is probably too expensive for their business model. That said I do wonder what the future holds for AMS-ZAG market as numbers have been falling for a few months now. I guess LJU must have an impact on them. I guess this will put additional pressure on ZAG management.

    2. Nemjee12:18

      Sorry, that was my comment above.

    3. Buth AMS - ZAG might be falling due the fact that many airlines has opened new routes from other airports from the netherlands to other croatian cities, so no need to fly to zag

    4. Anonymous13:05

      Transavia (without Transavia France) flies to PUY, RJK, SPU, DBV and now ZAD in Croatia.

    5. Anonymous13:17

      Yeah but you are forgetting Transavia also flies to LJU which affects ZAG the most. KL and OU are quite expensive. I think KL is more affected as they send their E-jet now.

    6. Anonymous13:24

      ZAG has two daily to AMS plus all the connections to the coast. AMS-SPU is three daily in summer. In the end Croatia is not that big in terms of population but also in terms of land surface.

    7. Anonymous13:26

      Zagreb missed or wanted to miss another important LCC route ZAG-AMS. So now, Ljubljana is enjoying it.
      I am not surprised if Ryan requests slots for EIN-BNX.

    8. Anonymous13:34

      Another important LCC on ZAG-AMS?? ZAG has a daily year round OU A320 service on which KL codeshares quite successfully + a daily E190 KL service year round on which OU codeshares. So what another should they have. Places much bigger than ZAG like BEG have "only" double daily.

    9. Anonymous14:04

      KLM and Air France fly to Zagreb, numbers for both carriers are good on Zagreb run, so they'll keep Transavia away for time being. Transavia could serve some lesser destinations, Lyon, Nice and Toulouse, all 3 are major airports in France, large metropolitan areas, 2nd, 5th and 6th by size.

      Zagreb needs to work on attracting more LCCs that is certain.

    10. Anonymous15:10

      Zagreb will not be included soon in the Transavia project. You can keep paying those high fares for the time being.

    11. Nemjee18:37

      In June ZAG-AMS numbers fell by some 3.000 while LJU-AMS grew by as much. One can only assume that these passengers are either Slovenes who used ZAG in the past or are Croats who are flying from LJU now.

      What was interesting is that FRA saw a drop though that could be due to Rouge, Transat and Lot. LO seems to be doing really well in ZAG, their June numbers doubled compared to last year.

    12. Anonymous21:13

      Most likely Slovenes who used Zagreb, for before you had no direct link to Amsterdam.

      Do you have numbers for Amsterdam, London and Paris to Zagreb. The thing is, it is hard to guess if OU or KLM had fall in numbers. As to Frankfurt, indeed it seems Air Canada and Transat have impacted at least partially Frankfurt numbers. The funny thing is, London is far better connected to North America, wonder if Zagreb - London was also impacted.

    13. Nemjee21:23

      Isn't JP flying to AMS? Or did they suspend it at some point?

      June numbers: 2016 - 2017

      ZAG-FRA 33.395 - 31.905
      ZAG-DBV 27.311 - 25.824
      ZAG-DXB 12.975 - 15.739
      ZAG-CDG 13.911 - 14.663
      ZAG-AMS 15.324 - 12.727
      ZAG-LHR 15.395 - 12.577
      ZAG-DOH 8.997 - 12.126
      ZAG-WAW 3.724 - 6.758
      ZAG-SKP 4.868 - 6.645
      ZAG-CGN 6.638 - 5.779
      ZAG-BEG 4.147 - 4.078

      I guess ZAG-LHR is recording falling numbers due to OU reducing flights. Other destinations had either a small drop or a small increase. Nothing too spectacular.

    14. Anonymous07:47

      @Nemjee, No I don't think it would be OU reduction, I think has loads to do with direct flights, unless you're referring to last year, I think Air Canada direct link has had impact on the route.
      I think Air Canda and Air Transat did have an impact on London numbers this year, we need to wait and see how London performs this year, but I am kind of confident it'll be bit down on last year, or about the same, due to Air Canada and Air Transat, I think London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt will be impacted, each by at least 5-6k, due to two Canadian carriers.

      Emirates has had little impact on Qatar it seems as in 2016 Qatar airways had 9k and in 2017, 12k, emirates on the other hand has 15.7k in 2017 we'll need to wait and see how 2018 pans out.

      However, numbers should recover as more tourists arrives, numbers are steadily going up, so any shortcomings due to new carriers coming will smoothen in longer term. Warsaw is a massive surprise, massive jump in pax. This june, i presume Warsaw did at least 8k. No idea if Adria flies to Amsterdam any longer, they did for many years up to 2015, Transavia came in last year, and took over, but they still wouldn't impact fall in noumbers at Zagreb, I think direct flights by Air Transat, Turkish and Emirates migh have had some impact on overall figures for Amsterdam.

      Amsterdam is like main gateway for South East Asia, with constant flights to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    15. Anonymous08:36

      @Nemjee: Having numbers and not knowing how to interpret them / drawing wrong conclusions is actually really bad.

      When you post numbers here and draw conclusines that ZAG lost 2500 Pax on the AMS route, saying that those must be PAX that used to come from SLO or Zagrebians that now use to fly from LJU is just populistic and simply not true.

      OU has changed the equipment on the AMS route from A320 to A319 meaning roughly 50 seats less per sector du to operational reasons. KL on the other hand used to operate 737/8 last year and now uses E190 meaning around 80 seats less per sector.

      So there are 7800 seats less available on the ZAG route which used to be sold in lower booking classes, meaning more PAX (2500 you quote).

      If those 2500 Pax now simply moved to LJU but Transavia flies 4 times a week with 189 seats, either JP must be doing really bad on the route or Transavia is.

      Either way, if you always post a fraction of the whole picture and draw wrong conclusions from them as above, it is simply wrong.

      In the case of AMS-ZAG, the LF for both airlines flying has dramatically gone up, and what is most important, their yield and revenues ar up while costs are down meaning those flights are more profitable than the year before.

    16. Anonymous08:39

      How on earth can you know their yields are up? You have insight into their sales and how much money they make on the route?

      I love how every reduction in capacity and reduction in frequencies from Zagreb is presented as amazing news for Zagreb Airport and the operating airlines.

    17. Anonymous08:54

      haha, yes I actually have ;)

    18. Anonymous08:56

      @ Anon 8:39:

      "I love how every reduction in capacity and reduction in frequencies from Zagreb is presented as amazing news for Zagreb Airport and the operating airlines"

      As long as ZAG numbers grow around 10% annually you certainy do not have to worry how airlines plan their production and what equipment is being used.

    19. Anonymous09:07

      Why would yields go up?

      Scenario 1:

      1 Passenger per flight paying 250 EUR - Yield per passenger 250 EUR.

      Scenario 2:

      1 Passenger per flight paying 250 EUR -
      1 Passenger per flight paying 150 EUR - Yield per passenger 200 EUR.

      Scenario 3:

      1 Passenger per flight paying 250 EUR -
      1 Passenger per flight paying 150 EUR -
      1 Passenger per flight paying 100 EUR - Yield per passenger 166 EUR.

      Now we can calculate the yield in cents.

      If you go back from Scenario 3 to 2 and reduce your operational costs dramatically, then you know that 600€ revenue per flight is more than 400€ per flight, but then costs are down too. So Yield is up, revenue who knows and costs down too.

    20. Nemjee04:30

      Airlines usually send smaller planes when demand falls which usually happens when there is increased competition. As the above anon wrote, there is Transavia from LJU while Canada sees more flights now. Rouge probably carries its own share of transfers to other places throughout North America while these probably used AMS, FRA... in the past. Competition is good, it brings down the fares.

  3. Anonymous11:52

    Finaly good news for Zadar. But I dont get it why Transavia would fly from bith airports Eindhoven and Rotterdam to Zadar? Is the demand so high to Zadar from Netherlands?

    1. Ryanair from Weeze is often full of Netherland Citizen as well

    2. Anonymous12:52

      Will there be a second FR a/c based in ZAD?

    3. Anonymous23:39

      is this an attack from transavia to rynair, as they will fly from eindhoven to zadar?

      rynair flies from weeze and charleois to zadar. and eindhoven is in the muddle of these two airports?

    4. Anonymous23:40


  4. Anonymous12:51

    So we have Condor from Hanover, Germania from Bremen and Transavia from Rotterdam and Eindhoven already announced. LH will also further increase its new FRA route to A321 from the 4 weekly 319.

    1. Aegean and Brussels discontinuing from summer to Zad

    2. Anonymous09:14

      Brussels is not suspending ZAD!

  5. Transavia flies to all Croatian Coast Cities now from The Netherlands

    1. Anonymous14:10

      Not surprising to be honest, 500k+ Dutch visitors to Croatia this year. Only surprising things is, that there's not more airlines serving the routes out of Netherlands to Croatia.

      This year number of visitors from Benelux will exceed 3 quarters of million.

      Netherlands: 500-510 000
      Belgium: 250-265 000
      Luxembourg: 12-15 000

      I'd hope to see more flights out of Netherlands, Belgium and even Luxembourg to Croatian coast in coming years.

    2. Anonymous14:44

      Brussels Airlines flies from BRU to ZAG, ZAD, SPU and DBV
      KLM flies from AMS to ZAG and SPU
      Luxair flies from LUX to BWK, ZAD, SPU and DBV

      + leasure carriers TUI and OU.

      All of them are expected to increase its presence next year further.

    3. Anonymous14:46

      Brussels Airlines flies only seasonally to ZAG.

    4. Anonymous15:09

      Brussels Airlines flies daily from March to the end of October in addition to OU´s 2 daily flights year round.

  6. Anonymous12:55

    Well done Zadar. 2 % less flights although Aegean, Lufthansa, Condor and Germania all started flights only shows how big the effect from the flight cancellations by Ryanair were in August due to their strike actions. -4% in PAX shows that the airport is quite prone to what happens in Ryanair and ZAD should work on diversifying its offer on routes that are covered by Ryanair. Next strike in Ryanair and Zadar loses again. Any flight cancelled by Ryanair costs the airport 189 Pax per sector.

  7. Anonymous15:21

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  8. wow ok thats a good boost for Zadar, people from Benelux discovered Croatia and region Zadar


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