Tuzla Airport maintains growth


Bosnia and Herzegovina's second busiest airport, Tuzla, continued its growth streak into August by handling 65.352 travellers during the month, representing an increase of 2.5%. Overall, during the January - August period, the airport welcomed 408.159 passengers through its doors, up 15.3% on 2017. Construction work on the airport's heavily delayed expansion project is continuing and is expected to be completed by year's end. As a result, the airport's terminal will be expanded from its current 2.971 square metres to 4.915 square metres. The added capacity will enable it to handle 800 passengers per hour, up from the current 400.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN40.563 52.8
FEB35.976 55.7
MAR43.112 48.1
APR52.638 3.7
MAY49.371 3.5
JUN53.709 8.1
JUL67.438 6.8
AUG65.352 2.5


  1. Anonymous11:08

    Growth slowing unfortunately. It will probably go negative from November.

    1. Anonymous12:00

      Yes, airports that are supposed to stagnate this winter are SKP, ZAD and INI.
      SKP is expected to be on 1-2% growth.

    2. Anonymous12:30

      stop trolling about SKP pls

    3. Anonymous13:17

      where should the growth come from, SKP is losing routes...

    4. Anonymous13:59

      ah the November troll is here ...

    5. Anonymous14:52

      Here you are not allowed to say the truth because they will call you a troll. You tell them facts they don't like to hear...

    6. Anonymous15:19

      Well, how do you know the "truth" about SKPs numbers in winter, when autumn just started a couple of days ago?
      Probably you were able to take a peek in your magic crystal ball.

    7. Anonymous15:49

      No need for a crystal ball. Wizz is cutting 4 weekly frequencies and when 1 airport depends on 1 airline, this is the outcome.
      Wizz cutting 2 routes = less passengers = less growth if you compare it with winter 2017.
      So? Crystal ball?

  2. Glad TZL is growing.

    Also, I can't help but notice the use of italics in the airport terminal. (South)-Eastern Europe does use more than its fair share of italics and I never quite understood what's the attraction.

    1. Anonymous12:39

      That sign is long gone now with the terminal overhaul in Tuzla :)


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