Wataniya cancels Sarajevo, suspends operations


Kuwait's Wataniya Airways has been "unexpectedly" forced to suspend operations due to circumstances that "could not be avoided", its Chairman, Ali Al-Fozan, said. As a result, the airline's service between Kuwait City and Sarajevo has been discontinued. The carrier maintained up to five weekly flights between the two capitals this summer season. Wataniya planned to operate six aircraft from August 12, but ran into difficulties when three of its jets were taken out of service. The Kuwaiti airline also attempted to lease two aircraft from Greece's Olympus Airways, but was blocked by the Kuwaiti Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) over undisclosed issues relating to Olympus' reputation, thus resulting in the termination of the lease contract. As a result, Wataniya Airways was forced to cut operations by 50%, leading to warnings from the DGCA that its permit would be revoked. The carrier's board plans to take the necessary steps to revive the airline sometime in the future.


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    Lol...the ME region is slowly fading away. So much supply and so many seats.
    EY went low cost - hand luggage only, EK is struggling financially to fill those planes and A380s.
    We will see if QR will sustain this growth once TK expands in the new IST airport this winter.
    The Europeans were clever by reacting quickly to the Gulf carriers and creating LCC divisions and different brands. Especially AF/KL Group was one of the smartest.

    1. Anonymous13:20

      I’d probably say LH group was smartest with Eurowings. They already have a much larger footprint there plus with their tie up in Condor.

      Joon is going to take a while to achieve the same, and Level even longer.

      All EU airlines have gone hybrid but it’s because of the need vs want. On an hour flight do you really need a full meal? For a couple of days do you need 23kg of luggage?

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    3. Anonymous15:42

      Exactly. Which shows how price sensitive the client has became and the next step will be LCC travel similar to Norwegian, Air Asia X, Scoot, etc.

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    I think that the Kuwait authorities chose to protect KU from competition and forced Wataniyia to close.


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