Winter 2018/19 - Air Serbia

The 2018/19 winter season begins in just over a month on Sunday October 28, with Air Serbia to make some changes to its network. Unlike previous years, when the airline inflicted considerable reductions onto its frequencies, this season will see fewer alterations. The airline will upgrade its operations to Larnaca, which will now run throughout the winter as well, albeit only once per week for the majority of the five-month period. Furthermore, the carrier will add an extra three weekly flights to Zurich, which will peak at twenty weekly services during peak holiday travel.

Similar to previous years, additional flights will run on services to Amsterdam, Athens, Banja Luka, Beirut, Ljubljana, Moscow, New York, Paris, Podgorica, Rome, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki and Zurich during the busy holiday period between mid-December and mid-January. However, some of the increases have been extended for a longer period of time, including Ljubljana, Podgorica and Thessaloniki. On the other hand, the Serbian carrier will no longer maintain flights to Hamburg over the winter season, with the service operated for just under a month last year. The airline will also reduce services to New York by one weekly flight for the majority of the season, while flights to Stockholm, Rome and Venice will be cut by one weekly service. Notably, Air Serbia will run only a few return flights to St Petersburg, unlike last year when the route was maintained for just over a month. Services to Prague will operate once per day, down from ten, however, as was the case during the summer, the airline will deploy more capacity on the route.

The 2018/19 winter season runs until March 31, 2019. Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the GDS (Global Distribution System). Both frequencies and destinations are subject to change. Air Serbia is prone to making additional amendments to its scheduling mid-way through the season. Over the next month, EX-YU Aviation News will bring you all the winter season modifications each national carrier in the former Yugoslavia will be making.

Amsterdam77-8 flights from
DEC10 - JAN20
Athens77-10 flights from
DEC17 - JAN14
Banja Luka22-3 flights from
OCT29 - NOV19
DEC17 - JAN28
Beirut33-5 flights from
DEC10 - JAN21
Hamburg30▼ 3ran seasonally
DEC18 - JAN08
Larnaca10 13 flights
OCT29 - NOV12
DEC21- JAN07
Ljubljana1111-13 flights from
DEC10 - JAN14
London - Heathrow77--
Milan66 --
Moscow77 -10-12 flights from
DEC16 - JAN20
New York32▼ 14 flights from
DEC10 - JAN07
Paris1212 -13 flights from
DEC17 - JAN14
Podgorica1818-21 flights from
DEC10 -JAN15
Prague107▼ 3-
Rome65▼ 16-7 flights from
DEC19 - JAN15
Stockholm43▼ 15 flights from
DEC15 - JAN14
Stuttgart44-6 flights from
DEC10 - JAN14
3 flights from
JAN15 - FEB18
St. Petersburg22-seasonal
DEC29 - JAN05
Tel Aviv44--
Tivat77-6 flights from
OCT28 - DEC16
Thessaloniki44-5 flights from
DEC10 - JAN07
Venice32▼ 13 flights from
DEC17 - JAN14
Zurich1417 318-20 flights from
DEC17 - JAN14

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  1. Anonymous09:02

    Underwhelming. Nothing new, nothing innovative from them.

    1. Anonymous11:27

      Few airlines introduce new destinations in winter.

    2. Anonymous21:46

      So little flights. So tiny frequences. This is not a transfer company.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    A pity about LED. They might as well have cancelled it.

    1. Anonymous09:09

      I also fear they will be severely affected in Moscow since Aeroflot is introducing their third daily flight.

    2. Anonymous11:27

      Yes, I think it comes out as a total of three flights lol. Last year they operated for more than a month.

  3. Anonymous09:05

    They haven't cut much when compared to past years so this isn't that bad.

    1. Anonymous10:04

      Keeping in mind how much state money they get this is bad.

    2. Anonymous10:30

      The market is growing greatly. Not only in BEG but everywhere.
      JU's inability to profitably grow along it tells us all we need to know about its management.
      The airline continues to lose market share at home at a very fast pace...

    3. Anonymous11:29

      Didn't they make a big profit last year? Maybe they are just being smarter on where they grow. Unlike at the beginning where they just inflated all frequencies and added 10 new routes without doing any proper market research.

    4. No they didn't make a profit last year. Instead they received even more money from the state to cover their loses.

    5. Anonymous15:04

      Wrong. They received the least money from the state then ever before.

    6. Anonymous21:48

      They got 40mil+ in various forms. That project is failed.

    7. Anonymous08:56

      All these decades Serbian taxpayers are covering without any big discussion every year the debts of Serbian Railways which service and punctuality became worse and worse - inversely proportional to the amount of money invested.
      But when it comes to Air Serbia which service comparing to Serbian Railways is extremely good we get the comments that the project is failed.
      Jealousy or what?

    8. Anonymous09:41

      Completely unrelated and different sectors. Rail infrastructure is the main spender there. As in any country of Europe, and it is justifiable to subsidise it as it is the case for example for smaller airports. Operators using that infrastructure (such as Serbian airline) should not be subsidised.

    9. Anonymous09:51

      Very wrong unfortunately.
      Why is it justifiable for rail traffic? Because it connects one village with another?

      From the other side air traffic is today extremely important connecting Serbia with foreign countries where the most of cash come from.
      Air traffic is growing in Serbia and investing in air carrier is much more profitable for whole country than constant money drain in railway traffic. Especially because we see no improvement in that area. Total money waste.

    10. Anonymous10:25

      Train tickets in Serbia are really cheap, 95% of citizens can afford it, while Air Serbia tickets are really expensive, even comparing to EU airlines.

    11. Anonymous10:34

      Maybe the distances can't be compared?
      Train from Germany to Serbia is more expensive than flying with airplane.
      Strange, isn't it?

      JU does not have in general tickets more expensive than other EU carrier flying to Belgrade.

    12. Anonymous19:26

      Still two different sectors.

    13. Anonymous22:38

      Can you buy a fly+rail combined ticket ¿ Does ASL have an agreement with Железнице Србије / Železnice Srbije ?

  4. Anonymous09:08

    Much better than last winter.

    1. Anonymous09:09

      less flights is better?

    2. Anonymous09:12

      They will actually have more flights. Last winter they reduced their schedule a lot in January-March. This table shows reductions/increases compared to the planned scheduled flights they had last winter but then they went and reduced that. I think that's why it's written in the article "Air Serbia is prone to making additional amendments to its scheduling mid-way through the season."

    3. Anonymous09:34

      This is true to some extent but let's wait and see if they don't do the same this year. Last February for two weeks they even operated Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana-Belgrade o.O

    4. Anonymous09:47

      Adria did that too with many routes in the region last winter. Podgorica, Sarajevo and Skopje. Linked them all up.

    5. Anonymous10:45

      Six flights less compared with last winter's schedule is LESS flights, not more. 😀

    6. Anonymous11:29

      Like someone said they cut a lot of flights last winter midway through the season. So yes it's actually more flights.

    7. Anonymous12:30

      I agree it is more flights but only if they do not cut additional flights during the winter.
      In that case we will have less flights.

    8. Anonymous21:49

      So overall it is less

    9. Anonymous08:57

      It isn't

    10. Anonymous09:42

      Let's wait and see. Only bad news from this company. Why?

  5. Anonymous09:08

    Looking at their destination map, Iberian peninsula missing big time.

    1. Anonymous09:38

      Pretty light presence in the Middle East too.

    2. Anonymous09:46

      Beirut and Tel Aviv is fine for now. I don't see what else they should fly in the Middle East, except maybe Abu Dhabi.

    3. Anonymous10:50

      Cairo, the Middle East's largest city is surely missing.

    4. Anonymous12:19

      All airlines including JU do continuous market research in-depth employing data from ticket sales and connections passengers make. I am sure they know better whether its time to start Iberian flights now or later, than do us who do not have access to this confidential data.

    5. Anonymous15:03

      If JU had actual experts doing real market research they wouldn't lose money year after year while European airlines have record growth and profitability. And airline travel is booming.

    6. JATBEGMEL17:05

      Restarting AUH could be a good way to utilize the A330 parked on the ground. The A319's on the route previously were bearable, onboard product was the worst (before FZ removed their complimentary inflight service). With the A330, JU and EY would have an exceptional advantage over the competition (FZ, QR). The timings were great, it would get back to BEG in time for the afternoon JFK departures (again another advantage for transfer pax) and the capacity increase isn't too bad (18J / 236Y) compared to EY's A320 configuration (16J / 120Y).

      CAI is definitely missing however I think there would be trouble fitting in for transfer. The proposed schedule back in the beginning days of Air Serbia was:

      BEG 2355 CAI 0350
      CAI 0435 BEG 0640

      Pulling the departures back 40 minutes should do the trick.

      IST, ESB and JED/RUH would be good additions in my opinion.

    7. Anonymous21:52

      Good points JATBEGMEL

    8. Anonymous23:10

      What advantages could JU possibly have over a five star airline such as QR?

    9. Anonymous09:00

      I have heard rumors that TK wanted to fly ESB-BEG but DCV did not allow it.
      In that context, I see no reason why Turks would allow JU to fly to ESB.

      JED/RUH? I am really not that sure. We had information here before that this summer RUH-BEG might be open by Saudi airline but it did not happen

    10. JATBEGMEL16:26

      JU service on AUH was good, the onboard product on the A319 was terrible. Put the A330 and it could easily compete with '5 star' QR. Demand seems to be there while JU has an A330 doing nothing during the winter.

      As for ESB, Serbian DCV denied the rights due to the reciprocity rights between Serbia and Turkey. Turkish carriers are flying almost 4 dailies to BEG and JU 0 to Turkey.

      As for Saudi flights, the Balkans especially BiH is very popular with Gulf tourists, just look at the traffic SJJ has from the Gulf in the summer. Throw in the Hajj/Umrah from Europe that would transfer in BEG and potential Saudi tourists to the Balkans and Europe, Etihad Guest program that JU uses and I think JED could be a decent rotation for the A320's.

    11. Anonymous22:42

      Yep, you are right my friend.
      Who wants to fly a medium flight with a 319? Client today is very clever and will always chose big plane on flights 4+
      ask UK customers how nice it is to fly from UK to Canarias with Ryanair hahahahaahh...supermarket airlines <3

  6. Anonymous09:09

    So YU-ARA will be grounded 5 days/week during this winter? Any chance for charters with it during the winter?

    1. Anonymous09:45

      It would be nice but I doubt it. Kondic said last year it was more expensive to fly long haul charters then keep the plane on the ground.

    2. Running that plane must be haemorrhaging a lot of money!

    3. Anonymous10:32

      But we all feel prestigious that JU flies to JFK!

    4. Anonymous11:32

      Last year New York also operated twice per week for most of the winter January - late March but it was originally scheduled as 3 per week, as the table above displays

    5. Anonymous12:22

      YU-ARA shall be deployed to fly in winter to some exotic destinations like Cuba, Dominicana, Maldives or Thailand, but it would take a strong union of tourist agencies to run such charters seamlessly. Including tour operators from surrounding countries in order to secure enough pax.

    6. Anonymous21:54

      Does anybody relevant really notelices AirSerbia flies to JFK? And what impression do you make with two!

    7. Anonymous07:56

      Anonymous at 21:54
      Every morning when I wake up I feel a lot of prestige when I shave my face. My wife does not agree but I think I live in a penthouse in Manhattan every time I remember that JU has JFK in its destination map.

    8. Anonymous09:44

      @anon 7:56
      I am now completely persuaded! Let's lease 10 more and send them all around the World! :D

  7. Anonymous09:10

    Its interestinh how ZRH will be served 17 times a week by JU while LX will run 9 flights a week.

    1. Anonymous09:13

      Serbian gastos prefer to fly JU. It's a good money making route. Few transfers, most are P2P so they make more money. This summer they also increased Zurich.

    2. Anonymous09:17

      There must be many Serbs living in Switzerland !

    3. Anonymous09:36

      There is, especially from south and southeast Serbia. During New Year holidays they could easily send an A330 and fill it up. Jat in the early 2000s used to send DC10 twice daily around the holidays.

    4. Anonymous09:45

      What is interesting that Swiss flights to Nis have obviously not affected them much (to my surprise).

    5. Anonymous10:19

      Dont know if that is true. LX seems to use the CS100/300 more often to BEG.

    6. Anonymous12:36

      Let's not forget that BEG, beside JU and LX flying to ZRH also has scheduled flights to GVA (U2) and BSL (U2 and W6) while INI has scheduled flights to BSL (W6) and ZRH (LX).

    7. Anonymous21:57

      Richest Serbian diaspora is in Switzerland. Really do not understand why JU does not introduce ZRH-INI flights.

  8. Anonymous09:14

    I'm happy to see Larnaca back in winter schedule.

    1. Anonymous09:43

      They really could have kept it at least twice per week all winter.

    2. Nemjee12:13

      They could but... it wasn't up to Belgrade.

      Larnaca seems to be performing well for them. It was already reduced to five weekly while BEY is 4. I was quite surprised. Business class loads are good on the route.

  9. Anonymous09:15

    Is the B737 still filed as an operational aircraft on some routes this winter?

    1. Anonymous09:17

      Yes! I purchased a ticket to Frankfurt the other day for middle of December and on my ticket it says the flight will be operated to Frankfurt with B737-300. Return is on the A319.

    2. Anonymous09:19

      Interesting thanks. Makes me wonder when they plan to retire those planes.

    3. Anonymous09:42

      I think in winter the Airbus fleet go for regular maintenance so they use the B737s instead from time to time.

    4. Anonymous09:42

      Good thing they have those old Boeings. Without them they would be toast.

    5. Anonymous10:28

      True. And without them they probably wouldn't be operating one of their most profitable sectors - charters.

    6. Anonymous21:59

      Deploying Aviolet branded planes which are 30-35 years old is embarassing.

    7. Anonymous09:02

      Only two years ago big and rich LH retired their B733 fleet. I see why it would be embarrassing for JU to fly these birds if they are fully safe.

    8. Anonymous09:47

      It is embarrassing to use older differently branded charter fleet to operate regular flights. People come with expectation that they will be flying in AirSerbia branded A319/320.

    9. Anonymous10:17

      And what A319 offers more than B733? Free food, more leg room or faster arrival? None of it.
      I personally prefer to fly B733.

      Do you know that Air Nostrum CRJ1000 with no livery at all flies for Lufthansa?
      Is it also embarrassing or it is acceptable because it is LH?

    10. Anonymous19:28

      LH is serious brand. JU unfortunately not.

    11. Anonymous18:46

      Pathetic reply

    12. Anonymous19:27

      Pathetic? Why? Everybody has right to value brands differently. LH can afford to operate planes from early 90es, with smaller companies it just looks bad.

    13. Anonymous20:38

      Because B733 is B733 no matter where it flies and they are nowhere young.
      Do not forget that JU B733's did not fly during sanctions and that they probably had less flying hours than those by LH.
      You can find above the link where air nostrum with spanish (?!) registration flies in full white livery for LH! It looks really poor and much worse than painted Aviolet planes that fly for JU.

    14. Anonymous12:08

      Fortunately Jat was managed by capable people in 90es so these planes were flying quite a lot all over!

  10. Anonymous09:16

    Hamburg no longer made sense when Air Berlin went bust.

    1. Anonymous09:26

      lol explain

    2. Anonymous09:31

      Flights were mainly filling Air Berlin flights in Hamburg from which JU had codeshare on almost all routes.

    3. Anonymous09:49

      A lot of German routes were affected by Air Berlin collapse. They cut one to two weekly flights on all German routes last winter. Goes to show how important codeshares are. They had some great deals and connections with Air Berlin. I flew to Madrid with them.

    4. Anonymous10:20

      lol Air Berlin had no base in HAM

    5. Anonymous11:06

      True, they only flew a few German destinations from Hamburg.

    6. Anonymous22:01

      As I remember AirBerlin was big in HAM when I lived there in 2015

  11. Anonymous09:19

    They should have extended Split to year round.

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Two weekly on the Atr, three around the holidays could have worked.

    2. Anonymous12:39

      Do you know that SPU has 30.000 pax in February?
      No need flying at that time to that destination

    3. Anonymous13:02

      haha, yes, SPU has 30.000 Pax in Feb! Reason? Because there are no flights. :D SPU had 100.000 in July 10 years ago. Surprise airlines added flights and today nearly 700.000 Pax fly in July. So if no one adds flights in February or July no room to grow. Look waht happended in PUY since EW added flight in winter ;) SPU flights are very full in February- at least the few they have.

    4. Anonymous13:27

      If there was demand for flights in February companies would introduce them.
      You cannot compare July and February. In July everyone wants to be on Adriatic coast and in February they do not even think about it.

    5. Anonymous14:25

      Sure February wont have as many Pax as July, but the thing is simple. LO, IB, VY and OK adding flights (to DBV or SPU) in winter will ulitimately lead to an increase in PAX numbers in winter months. Wait and see ;)

    6. Anonymous15:24

      OK, I will wait to see SPU to reach 35.000 pax in February

    7. Anonymous00:02

      Austrian tried SPU in winter. Failed. Did not return next winter
      Adria tried SPU in winter. Failed. Did not return next winter
      Croatia tried several routes to SPU in winter. Failed.

      You can not say there is no routes from Split:
      - Croatia; Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Zagreb
      - Eurowings: Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart
      - SmartWings: Prague
      - Trade Air: Rijeka-Osijek, Pula-Osijek, Dubrovnik

      So, there is 12 routes with 60 flights per week (almost 9 per day). If there will be more passengers for sure there will be more frequencies and companies would open more routes especially Croatia and Eurowings.

    8. Anonymous09:03


    9. Anonymous17:59

      When did OS fly to Split in Winter? surely not in the last 10 years.

  12. Anonymous09:31

    having one Aircraft for 2 weekly low yield JFK service for 6 Months is pritty..... hmm - strange!

    1. Anonymous12:45

      6 months?
      From 28.10.2018 to 30.03.2019 there are 5 months.
      JU will be flying from beginning of December 2018 until beginning of January 2019 4 times per week, so one more month out.
      How did you calculate 6 months I really don't know.

    2. It works really nice for the crew. They get to spend three days in New York city with all expenses paid by the Serbian tax payers!
      Thank you Aleksandar.

  13. Anonymous09:37

    It's interesting how Scandinavia has never really worked outside the peak summer and holiday Christmas periods. They will only fly 3 per week to ARN and 4 to CPH and I don't think they are even considering Oslo.

    1. Anonymous09:41

      This seems to be the case in all of ex-Yu.

    2. Anonymous10:37

      Gastosi, kod njih pali samo LCC kao i kod Beg hipstera.

    3. Anonymous11:35

      jbg kad nije uspeo boutique-princip kod JU

    4. Nemjee12:16

      Scandinavia has decent coverage from BEG. This winter we will have flights to OSL, GOT, MMX, CPH and ARN. DY just doubled its own flights to BEG this winter season, from 2 to 4.

    5. Anonymous22:04

      Da su cene niske svi bi hipsteri leteli sa JU

  14. Anonymous09:41

    When are more planes joining Air Serbia fleet? Until then it's all reshuffling destinations and frequencies.

    1. Anonymous09:50

      Don't hold your breath about new planes.

    2. Anonymous10:37

      The leases of two A320 end next year.
      They haven't said anything so far if they will renew them, get other aircraft or simply reduce the fleet.

    3. Anonymous10:39

      They are replacing one plane with Rossiya aircraft

    4. Anonymous10:52

      Any news about the NEO order?

    5. Anonymous13:23

      Evo samo sto nije ��

    6. JATBEGMEL18:10

      Rumor is that the Rossiya ac (EI-EZD) coming to JU will replace YU-API (which was subleased via EY). Rossiya is returning 5 A319's.

    7. Anonymous09:05

      YU-API was A6-SAA and as far as I remember there were a lot of complaints on that plane from the technical side at the time it started flying for JU.
      I suppose it was fixed but still not bad decision YU-API to go especially if it was leased under unattractive financial conditions.

  15. Anonymous09:48

    Prague is down because they have started using A319s on the route instead of ATRs. In the end much more capacity than last year.

  16. Anonymous09:50

    The real test is next summer. We already know Etihad is exiting the management on 1st of January 2019 and network planning will return to Belgrade. Let's see what they do and if they can do better.

  17. Anonymous09:53

    Pretty much the same as last year if you take into account that they pre-cancelled many flights last winter. Overall, I'm glad they realized that they should boost the LF and profitability and then think about boosting frequencies.

    1. Anonymous10:02

      At the end of the day, they have the same number of flights Jat Airways used to have.

    2. Anonymous10:05

      Are you for real? In winter 2011/12 and 12/13 Jat had fewer than 20 flights a day on average.

    3. Anonymous10:08

      Jat used to have 6-7 operational planes in those years.

    4. Anonymous10:10

      Here is Jat's network for their last winter season

    5. Anonymous10:16

      Frequency wise not much difference on routes that were served then and now. Air Serbia just has more routes now, particularly in the region.

    6. Anonymous12:47


    7. Anonymous22:12

      147 weekly departures vs 220 now. After all the pomp and half a billion pumped in the project. Both funny and sad.

    8. Anonymous00:08

      6 flights less than last year. OK, on top of that they cancel flights in February last year. And also year before, and year before. So, by that pattern they will cancel flights this February too.

      So, it is sill 6 flights less + cancellations in February. And that is not good. That is 3% less than last year when they had 15% less than last year...

    9. Anonymous06:24

      No, there will be no cancellations in February.

    10. Anonymous09:14

      Nobody can guarantee there will be no cancellations in February but from today's point of view we should assume it won't be the case

  18. Anonymous09:54

    Thanks for publishing these planned changes each year for all the airlines. Much appreciated.

  19. Anonymous10:03

    Now compare this schedule with winter 2014/15 :D

  20. Anonymous10:11

    S19 beograd brac 2/3 weekly

  21. Anonymous10:15

    I am surprised that they have not reduced services to Bucharest, especially since TAROM keeps on increasing flights.

    1. Anonymous10:17

      Seems there is demand. TAROM has an advantage to having the small ATR42 which it often uses on these flights.

    2. Nemjee12:18

      I hope RO increases to 10 or 11 in summer. Now they have more destinations during their midnight wave.

  22. Anonymous10:18

    Wizz will soon start VIE-INI with A321. Will that affect ASL flights? FR to BTS seems that left no scratch on ASL flights to VIE.

    1. Anonymous10:38

      Wonder if that plane ist too big for INI... I mean if they keep filling it with low fares it will certainly have an effect on JU´s - but then JU has the better product in terms of frequencies.

    2. Anonymous12:50

      We should not forget OS and that if we see any negative impact from W6 it will be shared between JU and OS

  23. Anonymous10:25

    Their Greece flights seems to be doing really well. Both in winter and summer. I'm surprised no other ex-Yu airline has ever considered Thessaloniki.

  24. Anonymous10:27

    Why no Spain flights?

    1. Anonymous10:31

      no demand

    2. Anonymous10:55

      Not many Serbians go to Spain for their holiday.

    3. Anonymous10:59

      This is changing. A lot of tour agents have Spain in their offer. Vueling flies to Barcelona during the entire summer season. Aviolet flies to Girona. The reason why there are no year-round flights to say Madrid is because there is a very little diaspora there and business links are not that huge.

  25. Anonymous11:28

    Time to let this unsustainable vanity project die and let the free market deliver what the customers need.

    1. Anonymous11:31

      And what would that be? State subsidized Wizz Air with 65% of the market which wins fixed tenders and then lectures others about transparency and free market?

    2. Anonymous11:39

      Bruhaha ... JU would not exist if they receive as little as Wizz from the macedonian government. Nice try!

    3. Anonymous11:41

      That's just one example. They receive from many others. And to top all of that, all ex-Yu airlines could only dream of a market share of 60%+

    4. Anonymous11:47

      isnt JP close to 60%?
      what about Monte?

    5. Anonymous11:56

      JU gives prestige to the counry as a flag carrier and flies to JFK, what does Wizz give to Macedonia? Money goes straight to Budapest

    6. Anonymous12:14

      taj prestiz nas je doveo (all of ex-yu) vrlo daleko ...

    7. Nemjee12:20

      Ја бих радије имамо субвенционисан Јат... пардон, Ер Србију, него онај љубичасти хорор звани Визер. Целокупно искуство са Ер Србијом, чак и након разарања њиховог производа, миљама су испред Визера.

    8. Anonymous12:20

      Blago nama sa tolikim prestižom. Komunizam je propao kad ćete već jednom da shvatite. Kome se ne sviđa nek se seli u Kubu, S. Koreju ili Venecuelu, a nas pustite da živimo u trulom kapitalizmu.

    9. Nemjee12:28

      Па живимо у капитализму већ 18 година.

    10. Anonymous12:54

      Nisam leteo sa W6 ali jesam sa U2 i mogu reci da se itekako mogu porediti sa JU u svim oblastima (pogotovo u pogledu cene) sem kod connecting flights koje U2 kao LCC ne nudi.

    11. Anonymous13:09

      easyJet is a decent airline, Wizz is a purple version of Ryanair.

    12. Anonymous13:25

      and I haven't flown with JU for a long time but I regularly use W6 and I can't imagine JU is much better than W6: at least most of W6' fleet is brand new.

    13. Anonymous13:49

      I flew around 100x with Wizz and around 30x with AS & JAT. There are some advantages with airSerbia (main Airports and often better times. I am not going to talk about the sandwiches, because we are here to compare airlines and not the shitty fast-food on board all of them). But this advantages where rarely big enough to decide against Wizz. Wizz is a solid airline, with new aircrafts, quite reliable times and OK service. It is much closer to the average customer from Balkans and this has to do with the price!!!

    14. Nemjee15:06

      I can't comment on their prices for other destinations but when it comes to LCA, Wizz is either the same as JU or more expensive.

      Crew on JU are far more professional and unlike Wizz Air, Air Serbia actually uses airbridges. For example, in LCA you are forced to wait for 30 minutes on the airport stairs, out in the open, until the aircraft is ready to board. With JU you are at least inside the terminal building and you can sit in the cafe, in front of the gate, go to the toilet...

      Also, JU no longer charges you for airport check-in and at least gives you a free bottle of water.

    15. Anonymous15:26

      Really? No airport check-in fee?
      Was it announced somewhere?
      I know for the water but I have not heard anything about airport check-in fee cancellation

    16. Nemjee15:35

      Yes, the airport check-in fee was suspended about two months ago. Unfortunately there was no mention of it anywhere so I don't know how many people know about it. Maybe they did it on purpose so that people keep on checking-in online. Right now only about 7% of their passengers do it.

    17. Well, for many ex yu routes Ju deploys Atrs so no airbridges for this.
      and in many airports W6 uses airbridges, and the airports ive used sofar wiith w6 (BTS, FDH, CIA, MXP) i've never waited outside- its actually pretty strange to wait on airport stairs.. .but this speaks for (or rather against) the airport and not for the carrier.
      fyi, every ulcc charges for airport check in, but that is the price of paying 20 euros for a return flight with w6 versus 200 with JU.

    18. Nemjee16:01

      True but like I wrote above and as far as LCA goes, I haven't seen those €20 fares in a long time. They used to have 1.700 RSD introductory fares but those are long gone.

      Here are their fares for next month without any add ons.

      29.09 - 19.499
      02.10 - 9.749
      06.10 - 15.999
      09.10 - 6.749

      So far all flights to the end of the month are 6.099 RSD. This summer their fares were out of this world where they charged 27.000 RSD for a return fare with no luggage, priority, seat selection...

      Wizz Air was cheap in Belgrade but since then their fares have gone up. I am sure they are making money in Belgrade as their planes are full but saying they are generally cheap or that they offer €20 fares is not really true.

      p.s. I randomly checked BEG-DTM for October and seems like the cheapest one-way ticket is 9.749 where most days it's well above 12.000. In my opinion charging €100 for a one way ticket with no luggage, seats, priority... is a bit too much.

    19. Anonymous16:49

      :O So €200 is the average Wizz fare in BEG? That's pricey.

    20. Anonymous00:16

      Mozete srati i hejtati W6 koliko god zelite, ali oni rade svoju stvar daleko bolje od AirSrbije, pre svega nova flota aviona, znatno bolja od JU.

      Citam gore u komentarima neki prestiz sta ja znam, sve je to sranje u boji i laz za narod.

      Putujem cesto sa JU i sa W6 i mogu vam reci da W6 nije ono sto je bio na pocetku, sad je veoma ozbiljna aviokompanija, koja bez razlike sto je LCC , se bez ikakih problema nosi sa nacionalnim avioprevoznicima.

      JU je samo masina za pranje para i jednog dana ce presusiti, jednostavno nema buducnosti za njih i Croatiu sa tim mentalitetom kojim rade.

      W6 vode englezi a iza njih stoji veliki americki investiciski kapital, tako da JU moze vam ponuditi bocicu cesmovace vode gratis, ali to je isfurani model koji jednostavno vise ne radi!

    21. Anonymous05:05

      Da bogda vam dosao Wizz u Zag da otera OU u istoriju. Onda pisite hvalospeve Wizzu.

    22. Nemjee06:39

      Као прво, твој коментар је крајње примитиван што више говори о теби него о нама. Друго, са киме се то тачно Визер добро бори? Са Малевом? Лотом? Таромом? Пошто за сада још нису у потпуности заратили са легасијима на западу.

      На западу су изабрали три релативно сигурна аеродрома.

      Беч: Остријан има доста високе трошкове те је лако сломити стаклене ноге на којим стоје. Да не спомињемо то што имају затегнуте односе са својим запосленима. Оно што Визер није очекивао је улазак других играча- посебно не у тој мери. Ајде сада да видимо твој професионални енглески менаџмент како се бори са Луфтхансом, ИАГ и Рајанером.

      Милано: аеродром који је доста удаљен од града и где ниједна авио-компанија нема велико присуство.

      Лутон: Eastern Europe Central. Аеродром на самој периферији Лондона (који технички и није у Лондону) где су трошкови крајње ниски и где је конкуренција знатно нижа у поређењу са другима аеродромима у региону.

      Дакле Визер скупља мрве на западу док на истоку гази по компанијама које се никада нису у потпуности опоравиле од комунизма. Чак и у таквом окружењу они нису успели да се позиционирају у потпуности што се најбоље види по броју линија које су укинули или које су претворили у сезонске ове године.

      Чињеница остаје да је Визер сличнији Аутопревоз Чачку него Ер Србији. Њихова примарна делатност ће бити превоз гастербајтера до и од матице независно да ли је то Србија, Бугарска или Пољска.

      Као што сам горе написао, Визер није јефтин посебно када се погледа њихова целокупна понуда. На крају крајева, ја стварно не схватам шта вама смета Ер Србија. Нико не брани Визеру да се шири, не само по Београду већ и по осталим српским аеродромима. Није вам ЈУ крив што им Србија није битна. Од како је потписан споразум о отвореном небу, наше тржиште је широм отворено за све заинтересоване играче.

    23. Anonymous08:23


      People are obsessed with Air Serbia on here and they hate it so much it hurts

    24. Anonymous08:51

      Nemjee, kulturan odgovor na nekulturni prethodni post.
      Vreme ce pokazati u kojoj meri, gde i da li ce W6 uspeti u VIE.
      Samo mala ispravka...Trziste jeste otvoreno za sve igrace ali ne celo srpsko trziste.
      Kompanija kao sto je W6 moze otvoriti bilo koju liniju izmedju EU i Srbije ali ne moze otvarati linije izmedju clanica koje nisu u EU (BEG-KBP na primer).
      Sa JU rado letim, pogotovo kad su im karte na popustu :-)
      Ono sto bi JU definitivno morao da promeni je ponovo uspostavljeni trend neljubaznog osoblja. U vreme kad je Jat Airways postao Air Serbia dosta je uradjeno na obuci osoblja u tom pogledu, ali izgleda sto vise EY izlazi iz JU to ce se sve vise vracati trend da su putnici tu zbog umisljenih i nadrndanih stjuardesa a ne obrnuto.

    25. Anonymous08:57

      Nemjee, šta nam smeta Er Srbija? Smeta nam što se razbacuje novcem koji je država otela od nas u vidu poreza. Nema nikakve potrebe da država ima vlasništvo u aviokompaniji naročito u kompaniji koja pravi milionske gubitke svake godine i zbog koja postoji protekcionizam na tržištu (Turkish, INI itd.)

    26. Anonymous09:16

      Jel to majstore pricas i za Zeleznice Srbije?

    27. Anonymous09:53

      Nemjee, sta je bilo nepristojno u komentaru anon 0:16?!

    28. Anonymous09:54

      @anon 9:16
      Kakve veze zeleznica ima sa ovom temom?! To na nekom drugom blogu :)

    29. Anonymous10:12

      Evo da pojasnim. Nadao sam se da ces skapirati.
      Bunis se u svom postu kako Srbija preko poreza otetog od naroda finansira nacionalnog avio prevoznika dok sa druge strane ne vidis ogromne kolicine novca koje se slivaju u Zeleznice Srbije koje svoju uslugu i tacnost ne poboljsavaju znajuci da se nece morati boriti za putnike vec ce zauvek od drzave dobijati novcana sredstva kako bi nam vozovi i dalje isli brzinom od neverovatnih 30 km/h

    30. Anonymous12:32

      Немјее не нервирај се али keep up the good work! Ер Србија је довољно успешна да иде на живце бубашвабама као што је неколико Данас-ботова, љубоморних комшија и бивших директора Јата па стално врте исту причу. По коментарима се види да посежу за апауринима и кад Ер Србија иде у зимски сан. Кад дође пролеће биће на апаратима!

    31. Anonymous13:52

      Ja se bunim i za Železnice i za Telekom i za Komercijalnu banku, ko je rekao da se ne bunim. Samo što je ovo forum o avijaciji i ovde pričamo o aviokompanijama. Činjenica je da je Er Srbija partijski projekat za uhljebljavanje SNSovaca i ostalih parazita i nema nikakvog ekonomskog razloga da postoji jer bi na slobodnom tržištu bankrotirala za manje od godinu dana.

    32. Anonymous18:51

      Значи острашћени политичар а не рационални макро еконимиста или макар авио ентузијаста, зато греши. Није ово политичка трибина.

    33. Anonymous19:32

      U Telekomu i Komercijalnoj banci curi na sve strane ali nisu primaoci subvencija. Treba praviti razliku u odnosu na JU.

    34. Nemjee00:32

      Тако је, Ер Србија прима паре из буџета али исто тако примају и стране фирме које послују у Србији. Колико се само средстава издваја за стране улагаче који држе наше раднике на минималцу? Ако већ крећемо у причу о окончању субвенција, ајде да кренемо од странаца. Или се држимо старе, добре српске флоскуле да је страно увек боље од домаћег?

      Угасити фирму која постоји скоро читав век није решење. Исто тако, нереално је очекивати да ће држава решити проблеме у фирми што значи да нам на крају преостаје само да се надамо да ће се неко заинтересовати у будућности. До тада нека фирма запошљава раднике, нека побољшава повезаност Србије са светом, нека превози робу...

      Нама су потребне реформе пореског система и државне управе а не гашење сваке фирме којој треба финансијска помоћ. Но добро, то је већ тема за други форум.

    35. Anonymous19:29

      Projekat AirSerbia je bila velika sansa. Nazalost zavrsio se neslavno. Jos traje, ali kosta puno a donosi veoma malo.

    36. Anonymous22:17

      "Nazalost zavrsio se neslavno"

      Ispiranje mozga by Danas & Co.

    37. Anonymous12:11

      Hehehe...svemocni Danas i Insajder nam ispiraju mozak i lazu nas a zapravo je sve OK :)

  26. Anonymous12:26

    Is there a chance they restore free catering like they used to? They must reconsider the traditional, Serbian food and promote it worldwide. Traditional Serbian meze.

    1. Anonymous12:55

      Although it would be nice I do not think we can expect it.
      Money rules

    2. Anonymous14:49

      Da je zaista slučaj da "money rules" onda bi trebalo da otpuste bar jedno 1200 radnika kako bi se sveli na nivo potrebne radne snage da opsluži aviokompaniju takve veličine. Ionako imaju zaposlene koji ne znaju kako da prodaju svoj proizvod pa im je lakše da ostave avion na zemlji jer je to jeftinije nego da leti.

    3. Anonymous15:03

      Money rules je za eksternu upotrebu
      Burazer rules je za internu upotrebu

    4. Anonymous15:09


    5. Anonymous15:16

      More like "zapošljavanje botova" rules.

  27. realan16:07

    Kolko ja vidim ima mnogo vise promena nego sto je navedeno u tabeli.
    Bucharest 6X (3x A319)
    Zurich 15x +1 / DEC19 - JAN08 20x +6
    Copenhagen NOV25 - DEC15 4x +1
    Hamburg DEC18-JAN08 0 -3
    Larnaca 1X +1
    Ljubljana DEC19 - JAN09 12x -1
    Malta DEC24 - JAN06 1x +1
    Milan DEC19 - JAN09 7x +1
    Moscow DEC23 - JAN13 11X +1
    New York 2X -1 / DEC15 - JAN12 3X -1
    Paris 11X -1
    Podgorica DEC11-JAN15 21X +1
    Prague 7X -3
    St. Petersburg DEC20 - JAN14 1X -1
    Stockholm DEC15 - JAN15 4X -1
    Stuttgart DEC16 - JAN15 5X -1
    Thessaloniki DEC19 - JAN08 6X +1
    Tel Aviv DEC17-JAN06 5X +1
    Tirana DEC17-JAN13 7X +1
    Venice 2X -1

  28. Anonymous19:18

    Aviolet je na odmoru posle naporne ljetne sezone,na redovnom servisu,pa nisu oni kvarljivi kao Wizz-air avioni.

  29. Anonymous19:37

    Hvala bogu ziv sam,bio sam na bolnickom prismotrom u klinickom centru u Zagrebu nakon sto sam imao zdravstvenih problema na letu Iz Aeorodrom Nis za Bazel na 15.09.2018 koji je prinudno sletjeo u Zracnu luku Zagreb zbog spaljene elekricne instalacije instrumenata Aviona,airbusova plastika je toksicna pa sam bio u bolnici iako imam 28 godina,Pilot aviona je na ljecenje u kuci,nakon kratkog pregleda u bolnici.
    Nikad vise u Wizz air,bolje stari Jat-ov Boeing nego novi Wizz-air-ov Airbus321 koji imaju u aerodrom NIS.

    1. Anonymous00:25

      Ne seri i ja sam bijo u avionu, nista posebno, cak i normal descent i landing! Wizzovi Airbusi su daleko bolji od svih ovih balkanskih 10-15 godisnjih sranja sto lete.

      Profesionalno odradjeno od posade , svaka cast svake preporuke za WizzAir!

    2. Anonymous07:26

      Najbolje da si bio bas na tom letu.

  30. Anonymous19:55

    Ja sam bio prestrasen kad na letu iz Aerodroma Bazel do Aerodrom Skopje kad je iznad Srbije u avion udario Grom i Munje,nestalo je struje u avionu na nekoliko minuta.Pilot je bio Makedonac ali veoma brz hrabar i agresivan i uspjeo je prinudno sletjeti na Aerodromu Ohrid,otkazao nam je jedan motor aviona Wizz-Air i neka instalacija ali svi putnici su bili u odlicnom stanju to je bilo 29 marta ove godine. Od tada putujem samo kanadskim avionima Croatia Airlines i americkim avionima Air Serbia.

  31. Anonymous20:31

    I think that 2x AT7 DBV could work well. Plenty of tourists going there beyond summer....

  32. Anonymous22:08

    Will ASL join ELFAA any time?

    1. Anonymous08:08

      LOL, maybe if there was a European_EXPENSIVE_Fares_Airline_Association they would be the perfect match!

  33. Anonymous13:11

    The table should have included equipment changes.


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