Aegean to run Croatia winter charters


Greece's national carrier Aegean Airlines will operate a number of scheduled charter flights between Germany and the Croatian coast this winter season. According to the "Ch aviation" portal, flights will be operated on behalf of the Reiseservice Deutschland tour operator. The airline will run a one weekly flight between Leipzig and Split via Hanover from November 3 to December 15, as well as a one weekly nonstop flight between Leipzig and Dubrovnik between February 12, 2019 and March 26. Both routes will be maintained by the airline's 174-seat Airbus A320 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    So can now someone tell me why isn't OU doing this? What on earth are they doing?!?!

    1. Anonymous10:49

      Because they did not offer the bestprice and Reiseservice has a general agreement with Aegean.
      You could ask the same question why SAS is not flying their nationals to Croatia on those charter flights from Scandinavia operated by OU. It is a business and evereyone can win contracts. Do not be so populistic please!


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