Air Serbia inks fleet management agreement


Air Serbia has entered into a Fleet Management Agreement with French maintenance provider Revima in an apparent bid to save costs and improve its operations. Revima will provide auxiliary power unit (APU) health monitoring services for the Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell APUs installed on the airline's A320-family aircraft. The services include a health monitoring system utilising advance graphical applications, data analytics and expert knowledge to auto-generate maintenance alerts as a result of simple parameter and trend shifts to more complex multiple parameter correlation shifts. The system modifies easily to adapt to multiple APU models across various aircraft platforms without needing any aircraft modifications. Revima's Director of Fleet Management, Mimi Correa, said, "Revima has provided APU repair services for Air Serbia since 2014. We are proud to add value to this long-term relationship with APU health monitoring services. Our health monitoring service has proven to reduce customer overall APU operating costs by prognostically identified APU and component removals to reduce repair costs, unplanned APU maintenance and unscheduled maintenance interruptions”.


  1. Anonymous15:03

    veoma skupa i komplicirana oprema za odrzavanje Airbus aviona,americka oprema za Boeing737 je pouzdanija i jeftinija za odrzavanje to JAT tehnika Beograd je trenutno veoma kvalitetan servis za Boeing u europi.


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