JAL to begin Zagreb codeshare flights


Japan Airlines (JAL) will be adding its designator code and flight numbers onto British Airways' service between London Heathrow and Zagreb starting next week. Both airlines are members of the Oneworld alliance. Japan Airlines passengers can now book flights to Zagreb via the carrier's website. British Airways will maintain five to seven weekly services between London and the Croatian capital this winter season, depending on the month. Japan Airlines becomes the third codeshare partner on British Airways' Zagreb operation, joining American Airlines and Qantas. Earlier this year, the Croatian government authorised the Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, to commence talks with his Japanese counterpart over the establishment of scheduled flights between Zagreb and Tokyo. The two sides will first have to sign a Bilateral Air Service Agreement, which has already been drafted, with Mr Butković expressing hope for negotiations to be swift in order for flights between the two capitals to be launched in the near future.


  1. Anonymous15:14

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Wow , this begins to be interesting, I mean long haul development in Croatia! So at the moment we have 3 airports with long haul flights:Dubrovnik to Philadelphia on American, Split to Toronto on Transat,, and Zagreb to Toronto on Air Canada Rouge and Transat and Seoul on Korean. Those are direct and nonstop. Plus code shares on Delta, United, Air India, Cathay Pacific Asiana, JAL and Qantas. And if we add to it not real long haul but non european ELAL, Qatar and Emirates I think we can say it's impressive i at least in ex-yu terms

    1. Anonymous20:42

      LY and QR are not long haul, at best they are medium hauls.

    2. I said "If we add to it NOT real long haul" Which part of NOT you can't understand?

    3. And we can add them because they are from other continents, not Europe i the same like when people here write about possible flights from Serbia to Iran (again) and Morocco

    4. Anonymous06:55

      ACA increased ZAG flights, next year will fly 5pw

    5. Anonymous07:18

      Yes Air Canada Rouge very happy with Zagreb and Croatian numbers, not surprising really, 175 000 Canadian visitors to Croatia expected this year, up from 142 000 last year.

      In 2019, some 215 000 Canadians are expected to visit Croatia, on an average Canadians spend around 3.5 nights in Croatia, slightly more than USD visitors who spend around 3 nights in Croatia. 576 000 US Visitors expected this year, 700 000 US Visitors expected next year.

      I just wonder how soon before Air Canada starts year round service. Could be 2020?
      @Current rate, in 2020, 255 000 Canadians and 850 000 US Visitors are expected to visitors Croatia. I think American and Delta will start direct flights to Zagreb and Dubrovnik in 2020,
      United might too but not before 2022 I think.

      Croatia is among top 25 destinations for US visitors already. For Canadians, Croatia is about to be top 20 Destinations.

    6. Anonymous08:03

      "In 2019, some 215 000 Canadians are expected to visit Croatia, on an average Canadians spend around 3.5 nights in Croatia, slightly more than USD visitors who spend around 3 nights in Croatia."

      These are really poor numbers for overnight stays (from an aviation perspective), because they show that most visitors from these countries still visit Croatia as part of a larger tour, which also means they arrive and depart from an airport outside Croatia (most likely Venice).

    7. Anonymous15:15

      @Anonymous26 October 2018 at 08:03 Yes, sadly, Venice or Vienna, or London ...

      Zagreb and Croatia are still relatively unknown for most Canadians and Americans. However, direct service to Zagreb should improve connectivity and number of stays in the country.

      Next year, Air Canada if my calculations are right will have around 105 rotations, that's 50 000 passengers in both directions, or 25000 in one, against 215 000 Canadians that will visit Croatia that year, it is not even 12%. So potential is there for more growth and better connectivity.

    8. Anonymous17:50

      This is simply not true. There are no 5 weekly flights in the system for next summer. Just 4.

    9. Anonymous21:37

      5, new flight is on Tuesdays

    10. Anonymous23:49

      System displays only 4 flights departing Toronto. Check for yourself. You can go on their website.

    11. Anonymous16:04

      I have the additional flight dep. YYZ on Mondays at aircanada and in the GDS for €630 return.

  3. Anonymous14:59

    japanci dolaze a to je veoma dobro,JAL ima najmodernije americke Boeing787-9 avione sa veoma udobnim enterijerom aviona dizajniran od najboljih japanskih strucnjaka za putnicka sjedala,jednostavno njihov Boeing je najbolji u Aziji.

    1. Anonymous01:01

      Actually I prefer Korean Air B787-9s, economy seat pitch is slightly larger and quality of food is better (not saying JAL is bad, they are quite good but I found recent flights with Korean Air to be top notch).

  4. Anonymous04:41

    Butno je da nije skriputavi Airbus330,Boeing 787 ima puno bolju plastiku enterijera koja ne ispusta cudne zvukove tjekom letenja.


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