Ljubljana Airport maintains growth


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport saw its passenger numbers improve 6.3% in September by handling 191.823 travellers. The number of aircraft movements stood at 3.308 up 9.2% compared to the same month last year. During the first three quarters, Slovenia's busiest airport welcomed 1.424.352 passengers through its doors, an increase of 9.7%. Aircraft movements grew 4.9% to 27.828. In a statement, airport operator Fraport forecasts overall annual growth in the low double digits.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN100.375 12.3
FEB99.213 10.2
MAR129.624 19.0
APR157.837 19.4
MAY167.257 14.4
JUN176.784 13.3
JUL198.911 0.4
AUG202.423 3.1
SEP191.823 6.3


  1. Anonymous11:11

    Good. Let's hope they will have double digits annual growth.

  2. Anonymous11:43

    1.85 million pax for this year now quite likely. 160K+ improvement on the last year.

  3. Anonymous12:00

    Very good growth considering all those Adria cancellations and extra flights to Eurobasket last year.

  4. Anonymous13:02

    more then PRN actually

  5. Anonymous15:17

    Bravo Fraport!

  6. Anonymous16:19

    Really nice and steady growth we have going on here. Good job LJU. I hope they attract more carriers like Transavia.

  7. Anonymous16:50

    Yes, growth of quewing passengers for Security Search is probbaly at the first place comparing to all mayor national airports in Europe

    1. Anonymous17:20

      That's just silly.... I've traveled through LJU 5 times this year and max waiting time for security was 15 minutes, when I had a morning flight. All other times it was less than 5 minutes.

      Not saying LJU doesn't need a new terminal soon, but checkin-to-gate time is still on the faster side compared to most other airports.

    2. Anonymous18:18

      Many of us travels more than twice weekly. At 6am you might have a long run before you make it.

  8. Anonymous18:59

    Ljubljana Airport needs an urgent modernisation or they just can claim that they are a retro airport.

    They can probably get some extra money by renting the space for filming the movies about eighties.

    1. Anonymous23:03


      don't think it is that bad, Zagreb airport's old terminal yes, but Ljubljana looks ok, departure area on the 1st floor is ok, looks like any major airport, arrival area, yes, is bit small, and looks like a provincial airport, but its not that bad.

  9. Dont forget that Aeroflot starts daily service at the end of the month :)


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