Montenegro Airlines registers strong growth


Montenegro Airlines has continued to record strong passenger growth with the carrier handling 72.554 passengers in September, representing an increase of 12.8% on the same month last year, or an additional 8.211 travellers. The carrier operated a total of 806 scheduled and charter flights during the month. It recorded its best average cabin load factor of 86% on services to Leipzig, followed by London at 84%, Belgrade at 83%, Frankfurt at 79%, and Paris with a load factor of 77%. During the four busiest months of the year - June, July, August and September - Montenegro Airlines welcomed 350.449 passengers on board its aircraft, an improvement of 17.7%. Over the past three quarters, the carrier handled a record 527.532 travellers, up 13.6%, and is on course to reach its target of 620.000 passengers in 2018.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    It is obvious LEJ/DRS/ERF are longing for flights to the Adriatic coast, unbelievable there is not a single service from the whole East of Germany (if we disregard BER) to Croatia. Montenegro makes it obvious those services would be successful. That whole part of Germany is completely underserved to Exyu, in contrast to West, South and North of Germany.

  2. Anonymous11:38

    The passengers are very satisfied with Montenegro airlines Fokker100 and Boeing 737-500 comfort and hospitality.

    1. They will increase from MUC and LEJ from 2/7 up to 3 pw, and will inaugurate a connection to HAJ 1 or 2 pw

    2. I wrote abt Tivat


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