Ryanair readies for Banja Luka launch


Europe's largest low cost airline Ryanair will introduce flights to Banja Luka next Tuesday, becoming the first no frills carrier to maintain services to Bosnia and Herzegovina's second largest city. The inaugural flight from Stockholm Skavsta to Banja Luka will be operated by pilots from Serbia and the entity of Republika Srpska. "Every flight that brings us to the former Yugoslavia, particularly Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, is a real honour for us and we are extremely happy because of it", one of the pilots, who has been working for Ryanair for almost two decades, said. "At one point I used to fly for JAT to all the airports in the former Yugoslavia and finally my wish to fly with Ryanair to Banja Luka will be fulfilled", he added. Ryanair will also commence services from Memmingen and Charleroi to Banja Luka next week. "There are great expectations from these flights. This is a big responsibility for us and will enable better connectivity for our diaspora. Next year, we expect a significant increase in tourists from these European cities", Banja Luka Airport's General Manager, Duško Kovačević, said. The no frills carrier is expected to launch a further two new routes to Bosnia and Herzegovina's second largest city next summer season.


  1. Good luck to Banja Luka & Ryanair.

    I wish you to have long and successful cooperation with many different routs!

  2. Anonymous15:49

    This is a major regional development! Congrats to BNX and FR!

  3. Anonymous16:50

    Good luck!

  4. Anonymous17:51

    Ryanair IS the largest airline in Europe, not only the largest LCC.

  5. Anonymous19:21

    I hope people from ZAG will also benefit the low cost fares from BNX.
    I am sure FR will introduce more routes by 2022.

    1. Anonymous21:00

      They will definitely reduce the fares. IteI the same catchment area.

  6. vidim već rasprodan prvi let iz Stockholma :)


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