Sarajevo Airport begins terminal expansion


Sarajevo Airport has commenced the multi million euro expansion of its terminal building. Local company ANS Drive has been contracted to carry out the work valued at 15.3 million euros. The project includes the addition of 10.000 square metres of space to the existing terminal building, as well as the construction of an office/business facility at the airport, worth three million euros. The two projects are being financed from the airport's own funds. "The expansion of the passenger terminal and the construction of a business facility are important strategic projects for Sarajevo Airport, which will provide capacity for further growth", General Manager, Armin Kajmaković, said. Upon completion, the terminal building will have the capacity to handle two million passengers. Currently, Sarajevo can welcome one million travellers per year, with the airport set to surpass that figure over the next two months. The project's completion is scheduled for late 2019. Previously, the old terminal A building was demolished in order to make way for the expanded facility. The new business and administrative building, which will house offices for airport staff, will be located next to the control tower.


  1. Anonymous11:02

    Finally :))

  2. Anonymous12:30

    Excellent news! BiH is reallllllllllllllllly on fire!
    4 airports nicely growing...

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  4. Anonymous07:11

    Dobra vijest. Još da uvedu LCC-ove.


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