Sarajevo Airport figures decline


Sarajevo Airport has seen its passenger numbers decline in September by handling 98.277 travellers, down 2.6%. This is despite the number of aircraft movements growing slightly by 1.7% to 1.220. During the first three quarters of the year, Sarajevo Airport handled 847.305 passengers, up 10.1% on 2017. It has added a little over 78.200 travellers on last year. During the Q1 - Q3 period, aircraft movements improved 5.7% to 10.541. In 2018, the airport anticipates welcoming over one million passengers in a single year for the first time. General Manager Armin Kajmaković recently said, "We are in talks with several airlines over flights to Riyadh and Bahrain, and we have also held discussions concerning services to Skopje, however, airlines remain apprehensive about this route. We are working hard behind the scenes. When the talks are finalised it will be easy to announce and promote new routes".

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN54.113 24.8
FEB48.986 19.1
MAR65.991 15.0
APR86.995 9.0
MAY81.026 3.7
JUN92.997 19.0
JUL159.380 13.8
AUG159.506 10.6
SEP98.277 2.6


  1. Anonymous13:51

    HM, this is bit strange, since September is usually quite busy month, any reason why the numbers are down?

    1. Anonymous13:54

      Probably because Islamic new year fell in September this year. It shows how dependant Sarajevo has become from the Middle east flights. The other decrease they had this year was Ramadan month.

    2. Anonymous15:21

      1) last year, the islamic new year was also in september
      2) there were significant less arabic tourists in town in the last few weeks (and I heard that some flights were surprisingly empty) but there are much more east Asian tourist in Sarajevo and Mostar, but most of them are on bus tours

    3. Anonymous18:18

      My guess is because Ramadan finished earlier this year (it moves ~10 days every day) so the tourists from Middle East came eariler to the city compared to the last year. This is kinda visible in the almost 20% increase in June.

  2. Anonymous14:36

    Great success.

  3. Anonymous14:47

    To Skopje? Who?

  4. Anonymous12:14

    On September 4th Wataniya suspended services with Kuwait...


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