Split and Pula airports set passenger record


Split Airport saw its busiest September on record by handling 455.595 passengers, representing an increase of 8.2%. During the first three quarters of the year, it welcomed 2.799.756 travellers through its doors, up 10%. So far, Split has added an extra 255.425 passengers compared to the same period in 2017. It anticipates welcoming its record third millionth passenger by year's end.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN33.699 10.8
FEB30.629 28.0
MAR53.165 57.2
APR124.352 0.9
MAY304.135 18.1
JUN474.646 17.6
JUL695.506 5.9
AUG627.846 5.7
SEP455.595 8.2

Similarly, Pula Airport saw another busy month after setting its post-independence passenger record this September. It handled 123.404 travellers, representing an increase of 22.8%. During the Q1 to Q3 period it saw 672.585 passengers pass through its doors, up 20%. "This year we expect to exceed 700.000 passengers and we hope to surpass the number of travellers from 1987 when 701.370 passed through our airport", General Manager, Svemir Radmilo, said.


  1. Anonymous13:53

    Is SPU still number two?

    1. Anonymous17:57

      In Croatia yes,

    2. Anonymous18:33

      Also in ExYu

    3. Anonymous18:40

      Interesantno da u Puli još nisu prešli brojke iz bivše Jugoslavije

    4. Anonymous07:34

      Will be curious to see how SPU ends the year as I think they will have a good winter.

    5. Anonymous10:32

      PUY is growing on a more diversified base now, not depending on a any single carrier.

  2. Anonymous08:45

    SPU has a steady organic growth and that is a positive thing. I believe the limit will be around 4 million pax and that should be achieved in the next 10 years. What should be done is to reduce seasonality but that is more the the region SPU serves than to the airport itself.


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