Wizz reduces Niš, Ohrid planned flights


Wizz Air will reduce both frequencies and capacity on its planned new services from Vienna to Niš and Ohrid, which are due to launch on November 17.

According to the "Airlineroute" portal, services between Vienna and Niš will run twice per week until February 14, after which they will be increased to three weekly. Initially, flights were to operate three times per week for the entire winter season with an Airbus A321 aircraft. In terms of equipment, the Vienna - Niš service will be operated with an A320, with the A321 used only during the route's first week of operations and selected weeks in November and December. From mid-February, one weekly flight will operate with the A321 and the other two with the A320.

Ohrid will see a capacity reduction with all flights to be performed with the A320 aircraft instead of the A321. Furthermore, the airline will run two instead of three weekly flights until February 14 (with an exception between January 1 and January 15). From mid-February, services will be maintained three times per week with the A320.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    Market optimisation: koliko para, toliko muzike

  2. Anonymous13:49

    I am starting to get worried about INI. Does that mean it has reached its limits? :(
    I was thinking that reaching 500 thousand will be easy.

    1. Anonymous14:33

      Why? it is sufficient for the diaspora. Instead of taking the bus, people can now travel by air.

  3. Anonymous13:56

    Apsolutno nema nikakvu biznis logiku a ove aviolinije potrebno ih je prebaciti na Aerodrom Skopje i Aerodrom Beograd do Aerodrom Vienna.
    Apsolutno je bespotrebno da se leti za Aerodrom Ohrid i Nis.

    1. Nemjee13:59

      На основу чега такав закључак? Колико ја видим Рајанер и Свис немају никаквих проблема са летовима за Ниш. Овде се искључиво ради о хаосу који влада унутар самог Визера.

    2. Anonymous14:36

      Yes yes, Chaos in Wizzair :D If it was another airport it would be demand :D

    3. Zakljucuje na osnov naredbe

    4. Nemjee21:02

      Да ли то значи да су и други градови смањени због недовољне потражње или само Ниш и Охрид?

    5. Anonymous06:12

      VIE reductions:

      Vienna – Bergen eff 26NOV18 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly 19DEC18 – 02JAN19, 4 weekly from 24FEB19; Previous plan: 4 weekly from 25NOV18)
      Vienna – Billund eff 18NOV18 2 weekly A320 (A321 for the week of 18NOV18 only, 4 weekly from 22FEB19; Previous plan: 4 weekly from 16NOV18)
      Vienna – Catania eff 25NOV18 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly from 23FEB19)
      Vienna – Dortmund eff 25NOV18 6 weekly A320 (7 weekly 01JAN19 – 09JAN19 and eff 14FEB19; Previous plan: 7 weekly from 25NOV18)
      Vienna – Eilat/Ovda eff 17NOV18 2 weekly A320 (A321 from 27NOV18)
      Vienna – Kharkiv eff 25NOV18 2 weekly A320 (3 weekly A321 from 16FEB19; Previous plan: 5 weekly A320/321 from 16FEB19)
      Vienna – Kiev Zhulyany eff 28OCT18 6 weekly A320 (7 weekly 18DEC18 – 12JAN19; Previous plan: 7 weekly for entire W18)
      Vienna – Larnaca eff 25NOV18 2 weekly A320 (4 weekly 17DEC18 – 28DEC18, 3 weekly from 29DEC18; Previous plan: 4 weekly for entire W18)
      Vienna – Lisbon eff 25NOV18 2 weekly A321 (4 weekly from 22FEB19, instead of planned 3 weekly)
      Vienna – Madrid eff 15FEB19 4 weekly A321 (1 daily from 23FEB19)
      Vienna – Malmo eff 15FEB19 4 weekly A321
      Vienna – Milan Malpensa eff 22FEB19 1 daily A321
      Vienna – Nice eff 26NOV18 2 weekly A320 (4 weekly A321 from 22FEB19; Previous plan: A321 for entire W18)
      Vienna – Nis eff 17NOV18 2 weekly A321 (A321 for the week of 17NOV18 only and selected dates in Dec 2018/Jan 2019. Increase to 3 weekly – 2 A320 / 1 A321 – from 14FEB19; Previous plan: 3 weekly A321 from 15NOV18)
      Vienna – Ohrid eff 17NOV18 2 weekly A320 (3 weekly 01JAN19 – 15JAN19 and from 14FEB19; Previous plan: 3 weekly for entire W18. Planned A321 service from 27NOV18 also removed)
      Vienna – Reykjavik Keflavik eff 16FEB19 3 weekly A321
      Vienna – Stockholm Skavsta eff 15FEB19 4 weekly A321
      Vienna – Tenerife South eff 27NOV18 3 weekly A320
      Vienna – Thessaloniki eff 16NOV18 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly 19DEC18 – 03JAN19 and from 13FEB19; Previous plan: 3 weekly for entire W18)
      Vienna – Warsaw eff 28OCT18 5 weekly A321 (7 weekly 13DEC18 – 05JAN19; Previous plan: 7 weekly for entire W18)

    6. Anonymous16:04

      That is a huge debacle for W6 in VIE, they must be bleeding money there like crazy. I bet their Eastern European bases are more profitable...

  4. Nemjee13:57

    INI and OHD are just victims of Wizz Air's bad planning. Wizz Air is reducing and modifying almost all routes from Vienna. Seems like they won't get the necessary aircraft in time. I think their Kutaisi launch was moved from 30.10 to mid February. Many western European destinations (DTM, MXP...) have also been reduced and modified.

    Wizz Air seems to be getting quite chaotic.

    1. Anonymous14:00

      Maybe they are having delays from Airbus, Nemjee.

    2. Nemjee14:36

      That's what I said in the second line. However there has to be some bad planning as well as they seem to have embarked on an expansion a bit too fast.

    3. Anonymous20:27

      Lots of delays at Airbus. Just check HA-LTB. Itt was supposed to be flying half a year ago but it's still not delivered yet.

  5. Anonymous14:01

    Za Vienna putuju samo ljudi koji su u dobrom finansiskom stanju njima Wizz air i onako ne treba koriste isklucivo Business klasu Austrian Airlinesa iz Aerodrom Skopje i Aerodrom Beograd za Vienna.

  6. Anonymous14:06

    Austrian airlines je puno bolja aviokompanija i ima komforniju unutrasnjost aviona.

  7. Anonymous15:44

    definitivno Wizz Air treba da leti sa Aerodroma Skopje do Aerodrom Vienna normalno za veci profit.

    1. Anonymous17:57

      ali onda nema ojra od subvencija.

  8. It will be impossible for Wizz Air to fly form Skopje to Vienna. I don't see a permission given to that.
    TAV and Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency don't won't to make Austrian angry.
    SKP doesn't need to challenge its legacy carriers since there aren't many.

    On the other hand, Vienna to Ohrid would be an excellent chance for Ohrid.
    I support new Wizz Air routes from/ to Ohrid.

    The biggest problem is that the traffic infrastructure to Ohrid does not help the airport.
    If only Ohrid was better accessible from every part of Macedonia and the neighbouring countries I'd vote all Wizz Air flights to be switched to Ohrid and let Skopje handle the legacy carriers!

    1. Anonymous09:18

      lol. one third of the country is living in Skopje.

    2. Anonymous16:05

      Much more than 1/3 to be precise.

  9. Anonymous10:36

    Wizz Air should operate this destination from Skopje instead from Airport Ohrid.
    from airport Skopje to airport Wienna is a very profitable flight for Austrian Airlines business class,also Wizz Aircan make a lot of money in the same route.


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