Air Serbia and AtlasGlobal expand partnership


Turkey's AtlasGlobal has again expanded its codeshare partnership with Air Serbia. The Turkish carrier has added its flight numbers and "KK" designator code onto the Serbian airline's flights between Belgrade and Prague, Sarajevo, Tivat and Vienna. AtlasGlobal already codeshares on Air Serbia's flagship service to New York, as well as to Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana. In return, the Serbian carrier maintains codes on its Turkish partner's flights between Istanbul and Belgrade. The two carriers are also exploring opportunities to provide passengers frequent flier benefits, including the ability to accrue miles on codeshare flights. Reciprocal premium lounge access at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Istanbul Ataturk Airport is already available for eligible travellers. "We continue to pursue our European growth through joint agreements. We are thrilled to have extended the codeshare deal we have made with Air Serbia. With this expanded agreement, we will provide more flights for our passengers via Istanbul and Belgrade", AtlasGlobal's Deputy General Manager, Nevzat Arsan, said.


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    1. Anonymous11:53

      nesto si mi sarkasticen denes

  2. If you don't remember air Serbia cancelled daily flights to Istanbul and minute after that atlas global came with daily flights. If the line wasn't profitable on daily basis they should make it 3,4 weekly but obviously they had a deal and somebody took same $$$ for that

    1. Anonymous15:21

      If they made a calculation that by code-sharing on Atlas' daily flights they will earn more than flying half empty 3-4 times a day to Istanbul, then why not? Keeping a route just because it is cool to fly to some destination is really not a solution. I am sure they are making a profit out of this code-share, while if they flew on their own they would be in red due to Turkish' dominance.

    2. Anonymous15:24

      Agree with above anon. Remember that they were sending ATRs on this route towards its end.

  3. Anonymous13:30

    apsolutno neprofitabilan avion i veoma skup za odrzavanje kompanije Atlas Global je njihov Airbus330 koji aviokomanija ga nudi na prodaju i hoce da ga uvali kod AIr Serbia.
    Jedan putnicki avion Airbus330 prodali su 2012 godine,danas ga koriste u Njemackoj kao profitabilni kargo avion.

    1. Anonymous13:39

      Baš taj njihov je neprofitabilniji od ostalih A330?

  4. Anonymous13:50

    njihov Airbus 330 avion je profitabilan samo kao Kargo avion dok je Ne-profitabilan kao putnicki.
    Najbolji avion i najprofitabilniji kargo avion zapadne proizvodnje je McDonnell Douglas 11, dok kao putnicki je neisplatliv ima tri velika motora.

  5. Anonymous14:57

    Why doesn't JU consider flights to Izmir or Ankara?
    Atlasjet can in turn launch flights to INI.


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