Banja Luka Airport figures decline in October


Banja Luka Airport has seen its passenger numbers fall in October as it handled 1.876 travellers, down 3% on the same period last year. The decline comes after Air Serbia completed its 2018 summer charters from Banja Luka to Antalya the previous month, while Ryanair's three new routes to Bosnia and Herzegovina's second largest city started at the very end of October. During the January - October period, Banja Luka Airport welcomed 19.643 travellers through its doors, up 4.8%.


  1. Anonymous11:58

    I am curious to see how November performs now that Ryanair is flying there.

    1. Anonymous12:56

      BNX will be the next INI

    2. Anonymous23:19

      20,000 pax in 10 months - are you guys completely detached from reality? The airport game is a fixed-cost business, it is just about impossible to cover costs below 1 million pax per annum: there are airports doing 2 million and losing money. Airports are closing in NW Europe which do more traffic than many in Ex-YU. You guys need a serious aviation policy, and soon. More airports, tiny state airlines? Come on!

    3. You are right. For example, Memmingen airport has for the first time in history finished the year 2018 with profit. Nobody normal expects profit of BNX. But new flights form BNX and charter flights are great news and fantastic opportunity for all passengers from Srpska and Slavonia also. We do not need to fly from Zagreb. There are excellent connections from BNX destinations like Brussels Charloir or Memmingen to London, Dublin, Moscow, Spain, Italy and other.


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