Belgrade Airport handles five-millionth passenger


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled its five-millionth traveller of the year yesterday evening, for only the second time in its 56-year history. The passenger was welcomed exactly a month ahead of 2017 on an Air Serbia flight bound for Moscow. Serbia's busiest airport anticipates handling between 5.8 and six million passengers by year's end and has been buoyed by a strong start to the 2018/19 winter season. During the first week of November, it saw its passenger numbers grow 9.1%, compared to the same period last year.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Congrats BEG. Good to see this figure a full month ahead of last year.

    1. Anonymous10:41

      Congrats! What is realistic for 2018?

    2. Anonymous12:04

      I guess 5.7 or 5.8. if deceDece stays strong then maybe even 5.9.

    3. Anonymous12:32

      I doubt it. After all Hainan contributed significantly with the wide body aircraft. Maybe 5,6¿

    4. Anonymous12:49

      That's a pretty stupid comment last Anon as it would mean the airport will actually have a decrease. Hainan blocked around 100 seats for Belgrade so it was the equivalent of two weekly E90 flights.

    5. Anonymous13:05

      That being one of the reasons of their failure.

    6. Anonymous17:21

      This route was mainly symbolic. It won't have any real impact on pax numbers.

  2. Anonymous10:40

    So they will handle 1 million additional Pax for the rest of November and December?

    1. Voja10:51

      No they won't. It's going to be somewhere between 650000 and 700000.

    2. Anonymous10:53

      Voja, they handled over 700,000 passengers in November and December last year. Considering that growth is expected, they will certainly have more than 650,000-700,000.

    3. Anonymous10:57

      last year they had 712.275 passengers in November and December so this year they should be close to 770.000.

    4. Anonymous10:57

      Btw seems like Freebird Airlines will operate charter flights around New Year from IST to BEG

    5. Voja14:28

      I hope it will be much more than I said but if last year was 712000 in November and December together and this year is expected 770000 and already nine days passed then until end of year it should be somewhere like I already said. I didn't calculate that for whole two months but for remaining days until end of year.

    6. Anonymous15:09

      It means that in 8 days they had at least 102.843 passengers, that's some 12.855 per day. Not bad.

  3. Anonymous11:03

    9% growth so far in Nov. Nice :)

    1. Anonymous11:32

      Yes it probably means JU isn't doing badly either.

  4. Great news!

    Probably we are not going to have 9% at the end of the month, but obviously it will be better than previous month.
    Quite often this month FRA sends A321 to BEG.

    This year might finish with close to 5.8 million. Congratulations BEG!

    1. Anonymous14:12

      LH seems to be doing really well in BEG, it's not surprise MUC goes to three a day.

      I checked some of their flights over the past two weeks.

      LH 1406 had 14 flights: 11x A320, 2x A321 and 1x A319.
      LH 1410 had 14 flights: 6x A320, 5x A319 and 3x A321.

      So in the last two weeks, BEG-FRA had: 17x A320, 6x A319 and 5x A321.

      MUC is a bit different. Morning flight is a mix of E95, A319 and A320. Afternoon flight is mostly CRJ or E95.

      Overall there seems to be a lot of extra demand.

    2. Anonymous14:25

      Shame LH is not adding more flights from Frankfurt.

    3. Thank you for checking it.

      It seems I was checking only when it was A321 :-)

      Anyhow A319 was earlier regular to FRA and now it seems to be A320. Hopefully we can expect third daily flight FRA-BEG soon

    4. Anonymous15:10

      Did you check it these days because tonight and for the past two nights it was the A321 from FRA. :D

    5. Nemjee15:12

      I wonder if LH carries a share of Chinese tourists heading to Belgrade. Recently I was on the night flight to BEG and there were at least 20 to 30 passengers who came from Shanghai on Air China.

    6. Anonymous18:46

      Everybody carries Chinese except Hainan.

    7. Anonymous19:00

      Well they carry them as well but seems like they failed to capture the market in large numbers, same as JU with Turkish tourists.

    8. Anonymous19:03

      Mid-November and there were 4 A321s today, not bad: LH, TK, TK and KK.

      Also, BEG is has become mostly a A319/320 airport now. Quite a change from a decade ago.

  5. Anonymous12:24

    How many pax did BEG handle in 2017?

  6. Anonymous12:38

    So, so..Belgrade is getting closer and closer to Riga when it comes to passenger numbers.
    Both airports have regional, connecting carriers and quite a number of similarities.
    Riga is well connected to the Baltics while Belgrade to the Balkans.

    BT is slightly bigger than JU but they have almost the same coverage.
    BT and JU both have turboprops.
    RIX and BEG are both W6 bases.
    RIX and BEG are both located in the Eastern part of the continent - one in the North and the other in South.
    RIX and BEG need to be connected once again with BT.

    1. Anonymous12:52

      Both are sandwiched between major hubs. RIX has HEL, SVO and WAW.
      BEG has VIE, ATH ans IST.

    2. Anonymous13:04

      RIX is in EU
      BEG is not

      Estonia GDP per capita 15.500 USD
      Serbia GDP per capita 6.000 USD

    3. Anonymous13:21

      Which makes BEG's success even more impressive.

    4. Anonymous14:16

      What has Estonia got to do with RIX?

    5. Anonymous14:19

      Probably nothing but the malicious poster probably sucks at geography.

    6. Anonymous14:35

      It was my mistake, it should have been Latvia.
      But, why malicious?

  7. Anonymous17:42

    Another great historic moment for Serbia.

    ¡ Bravo, Браво, Bravissimo, Brawo, Μπράβο, בראַוואָ !
    SRBIJA <3

    1. Anonymous18:19


    2. Anonymous18:45

      Anon 19.19

      Don't be like that, I am also happy as this is a very big day for BEG.


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