Laudamotion eyes Montenegro expansion


Low cost carrier and Ryanair subsidiary Laudamotion is considering expanding its presence in Montenegro following the launch of its new service between Stuttgart and Podgorica on April 2, 2019. The General Manager of operator Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, said, "I am delighted that we have started cooperation with an airline such as Laudamotion. I am certain that the new route from Stuttgart will be a success, considering the increased interest for Montenegro from the German market. We have discussed the introduction of other routes as well and I am hopeful that we will successfully complete those talks". He added, "Both sides have agreed to meet in Podgorica by the end of the year where we will hopefully expand our cooperation then". The Stuttgart - Podgorica service will be maintained twice per week with an Airbus A319 aircraft.


  1. Poor service low cost airline, just like Ryanair!

    1. Anonymous13:44

      Excuse me, your RH, what is poor service according to you? When you book Ryan you know what you get but the good thing is that you can afford the price of the ticket. Not everybody is flying first class like you, my dear.

    2. Anonymous15:10

      Anon 12:34

      You don't like it, don't book it :) :)
      I will pay 10€ for the ticket and you pay 70€ for your legacy.

  2. By the time you've added everything up, it costs just as much as with a proper airline.

  3. Anonymous19:39

    The former formula 1 driver and owner of laudamotion airline-Mr. Niki Lauda- health is not the best,lets hope in quick and full health recovery.


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