Lufthansa to launch Rijeka service


Lufthansa will introduce seasonal flights between Munich and Rijeka from next year. The German national carrier will maintain a one weekly service between the two cities, each Saturday, from May 25. Flights will be operated by the ninety-seat Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft. Fellow Star Alliance partner Croatia Airlines also operates the route. The German airline codeshares on its Croatian counterpart's service between the two cities. Croatia Airlines recently upgraded its Rijeka - Munich flights to year-round operations. Lufthansa has been steadily growing its flight offering to Croatia over the past few years and this summer added seasonal operations to Zadar. It also serves Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula in Croatia. Ticket sales for the new Rijeka service are expected to commence soon.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Great! So LH will be flying to ZAG, PUY, RJK, ZAD, SPU and DBV in Croatia.

    1. Anonymous13:47

      BWK is next ;) ;) ;)

  2. Anonymous13:39

    "Lufthansa will compete with fellow Star Alliance partner Croatia Airlines on the route"

    How can that be? Compete? a huge chunk of pax continue their journey with LH. LH has insights into the reservations, which they (LH) sell and feed OU. LH has scheduled flights on Saturdays not to compete with OU but to offer a bigger amount of seats, because they are needed due to strong demand. That is the reason why OU made them year round. Surprise that OU cannot add aircraft as they wish. That is then exactly when you need a partner to stem synergies and like OU and LH are therefore partners (not only in Star Alliance).

  3. Anonymous14:44

    this is not a competition, LH and OU are working together in SA and even LH have codeshare agreement with OU on this route.

    This is just bonus for passengers because there is now one more weekly flight between this two cities which is great!

    So happy for Rijeka, that airport finally woke up! In few days they announced 4 new routes for next summer: LGW, MAN, MRS and MUC! Nice!

    1. Happy as well, of course, yet not good enough :LH has 3 daily MUC to Trieste, almost sure Rijeka could sustain at least 3 weekly LH plus 3 weekly OU to MUC, but let's hope this is just the beginning, to be increased :)

    2. Anonymous19:35

      Trieste now have 2 daily to FRA as well. But it is hard to compare. One of the richest cities in Italy

  4. Anonymous15:56

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous13:35

    pCroatia Airlines nije konkurencija Lufthanse imaju drugaciji direktan pristup klijenteli


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