Maribor Airport operator settles debt


The operator of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, SHS Aviation, has repaid its debt for outstanding concession fee payments incurred over the past three months, narrowly avoiding the termination of its fifteen-year deal with the Slovenian government. The fee amounts to 100.000 euros per month. The Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure recently rejected a request by SHS for state aid amounting to 3.2 million euros. The Chinese operator applied for financial assistance in line with state regulation which stipulates government support for matters of national importance. The application was filed due to the airport's negative financial performance in 2016 (35.000 euros) and 2017 (1.7 million euros). The operator believes it will continue to post losses over the next three years.


  1. Anonymous21:26

    Only a miracle can save MBX due to its location and surrounding airports it will unfortunately never work..

  2. Anonymous22:18

    Disappointing. I was hoping the operator would default and as a consequence Edvard Rusjan Airport would be brought back 'in house'. It otherwise has no future while continuing to insist that its fantasy schemes can still become reality.

  3. Anonymous22:45

    Saturday article in Saturday Belgium newspaper - full story about Chinese who are in charge of MBX now ... in Dutch, but Google Translate does a great job.

  4. Anonymous00:20

    The exactly same guys have found another weak city to do the same stunt with and late this summer held a meeting - Brcko:

    Read the comments in this one:

    If the city administration approves them, then they either are really unqualified without any earth connection or get a great personal deal out of it! I fear the later.

    Trebinje is probably next...

  5. Anonymous21:14

    Ako ima finansiske subvencije za Aerodrom Maribor ima puno zainteresiranih aviokompanija koji hoce da lete od Aerodrom Maribor do drugih destinacija Europske unije.


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