Podgorica Airport maintains growth momentum


Podgorica Airport has continued to post strong passenger growth by handling 96.248 travellers in October, representing an increase of 11.4%. During the January - October period the airport welcomed a record 1.066.341 passengers through its doors, up a notable 15.7% on 2017. As a result, Podgorica added an additional 145.399 travellers compared to last year. It has already overtaken 2017's end-of-year result.

Change (%)
JAN59.861 17.8
FEB55.002 17.7
MAR66.518 18.7
APR84.514 16.6
MAY99.941 25.6
JUN126.836 13.0
JUL165.164 12.9
AUG172.816 15.8
SEP139.441 15.1
OCT96.248 11.4


  1. Anonymous11:09

    seems to be the fastest growing ex-yu airport this year (from the top10)

  2. Anonymous11:17

    The perfect example of regional, perfect and trendy organic growth. Good job TGD.
    On the other hand, TIV is also growing nicely. Ever since international, famous artists came here in 2008, it became extremly popular.

  3. Anonymous12:25

    Finansisko stanje u Ruskoj federaciji je sve bolja tako da ce da bude veci broj turista za Crnu Goru


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