Pristina Airport registers double digit growth


Pristina Airport recorded its nineteenth consecutive month of passenger growth by handling 170.101 travellers in October, representing an increase of 13.1%. During the first ten months of the year, the airport welcomed a record 1.832.979 passengers through its doors, up 13.3%. The airport has already surpassed its 2017 end-of-year results and added an extra 215.076 travellers. "We are committed to ending this year successfully with over two million passengers. We believe that the ongoing process of our runway extension and category upgrade will have a positive effect on the decisions of our airline partners and their long-term plans for Pristina Airport", General Manager, Haldun Firat Kokturk, said last week.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN144.137 17.3
FEB123.565 14.1
MAR150.432 19.2
APR177.732 3.1
MAY168.519 12.8
JUN178.052 23.3
JUL256.029 9.3
AUG274.755 13.7
SEP190.385 12.3
OCT170.101 13.1


  1. Anonymous14:53

    This is simply remarkable.
    The best is yet to come next spring...
    Wizz arriving with more routes, Germania expansion and possibly more U2 destinations.
    If PRN continues this trend, it will become a top 5 ex-Yu airport leaving behind both SKP and LJU.

  2. Anonymous15:01

    Steady growth for PRN!

    December is coming up with 4 new destinations and 6 other frequency upgrades. That should provide at least a 20% growth for December, if not more!

  3. Anonymous15:07

    Interesting that difference with ZAG is exactly 1 million. It's impressive how much demand PRN has since it's not a tourist destination and its a relatively poor market with limited outbound demand.

  4. Anonymous15:10

    Good job PRN!
    If they keep up with this trend, they have a chance with SKP which if the rumors are true, will have Athens daily with A320, Wizz starting Lisboa, Turku, Prague and Bologna 2x weekly starting from the summer schedule.

    1. Anonymous15:19

      Where have you read that W6 will start Lisboa, Prague in summer?
      t think this will happen.... Specially difficult to get any SLOT in Lisboa nowadays.
      If W6 develop routes will be GASTA routes,...

    2. Anonymous15:40

      LIS is not a W6 gasto destination with the exception maybe of OTP-LIS. Next summer it will deploy 321 on some selected LIS routes:

      PRN-BUD and SKP-BUD will also be flown with A321!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Anonymous16:21


      There is not mention of LIS-PRI-PRG, so the rumors you mention doesn't go nowhere,... Very difficult to get an slot nowadays in LIS, in case it happen it will go to SKP, or maybe incresing the SOF frecuency...
      LIS is a summer destination, but W6 will mainly develop gasto routes from the balkans as it is trying to develop the expansion in western europe.

    5. Anonymous18:05

      Guys get real, Wizz killed SKP-BCN so there is no way LIS would work.

    6. Anonymous18:58

      BCN i back on sale if you didnt know

    7. Anonymous19:01

      Yeah it's a seasonal summer route. Lisbon would be much weaker in sales and obviously Barcelona hasn't worked out the way they planned.

    8. Anonymous20:15

      kristalna kugla i tarot

  5. Anonymous17:08

    Hypothetically, one day if the people at the Balkans live like Scandinavians and governments in Skopje and Pristina decide to build airport somewhere in the middle between Skopje and Pristina, that airport will have a chance to be no.1 airport in ex Yu and might have a chance for daily US/Canada flights.

    1. Anonymous17:48

      What is missing in the balkans s a good conectivity between cities, a regular Kombi services- to the airports from different cities, will be more easy, aslo and intergovernmental agreement on air transport to develop the region, but we know well this will never happen.

  6. I think it's fair to say that the critics of the terminal capacity at both SKP and PRN have been proven wrong. 4 million pax capacity by early 2030s no longer looks like fantasy.

  7. Is Skopje still lagging behind?

    1. It's not clear. For October 2018 Macedonian passenger figures that include both SKP and OHD airports are up by 7% to 197.461, while air traffic movements were down by 1% to 1,622.

      As far as I know, passenger figures for SKP only for the month of October 2018 are not out yet.


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