Skopje Airport readies for Athens resumption


Flights between Athens and Skopje will resume this evening following an eleven-year hiatus. Aegean Airlines will maintain two weekly flights between the two cities, which it says will primarily serve the Greek business community. The inaugural flight will be welcomed at Skopje Airport by Macedonia's Minister for Transport and Communications, Goran Sugareski, the General Manager of airport operator TAV Macedonia, Alper Ersoy, as well as Aegean's Ground Operations Director, Panos Nicolaidis. Macedonia's Deputy Prime Minister, Bujar Osmani, will be on the first flight to Athens tonight, as he will be in the Greek capital for talks with government officials. Aegean Airlines recently said, "Our impression is that it is in Greece's interest to have more links to all countries, even those with which it may have a problematic history, because improvements in business ties between our two nations will help".


  1. Anonymous11:18

    Welcome back

  2. Anonymous13:47

    Do we know anything about the LF?
    NMacednia will finally see a new, true legacy carrier and not German or Swedish villages.

    1. Anonymous21:35

      The government should have subsidized flights to airports such as LHR, CDG, FRA, MUC, FCO, AMS, BRU instead of flights to villages in the middle of nowhere.

    2. Anonymous23:14

      lol the dezurni haters doesnt leave out one single SKP article

      the villages Wizzair flies to have more passengers then the whole countries of yours:

      Hamburg 17.6 mio pax
      Berlin Schön. 12,6 mio
      Cologne 12,3 mio
      Nürnberg 4,2 mio
      Dortmund 2 mio

      very small villages having the two biggest german cities in the list nem sta

      idemo dalje:
      Göteborg 6,7 mio
      Malmö 2,1 mio

      jao selo moje lepo

      iz plemena Azri tu smo po kazni

    3. Anonymous06:34

      You must be very proud to be connected to all those prestigeous non-gasto destinations, my favorite is Barcelona though.

  3. Anonymous16:35

    media coverage of this event is amazing so far. What a missed opportunity for Wizz and Ryan ....


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