State rejects Maribor Airport aid request


The Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure has rejected a request by Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport's operator for state aid amounting to 3.2 million euros. The Chinese operator, SHS, applied for financial assistance in line with state regulation which stipulates government support for matters of national importance. Maribor Airport planned to utilise 1.8 million euros of the aid this year, 1.3 million next year and almost 115.000 euros in 2020. The application was filed due to the airport's negative financial performance in 2016 (35.000 euros) and 2017 (1.7 million euros). The operator believes it will continue to post losses over the next three years. The Ministry rejected the airport's request because the applicant did not meet the conditions necessary in order for it to be granted financial support. It added that the state is still waiting for SHS to pay its concession fee for September and October, which amounts to 100.000 euros per month.

SHS Aviation purchased the "Aerodrom Maribor" operator for seven million euros in December 2016 and won a concession to run the airport for a period of fifteen years. The government has the right to unilaterally terminate the concession agreement with SHS if it fails to make another fee payment, which is likely to occur on November 26.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    aerodrom maribor je nerentabilan na samo 60 kilometara je Austria i veoma dobar Aerodrom Graz,
    Sa automobilom se stize za manje od 20 minuta na relaciji od Maribor do Graz Aerodrom.
    Aerodrom Graz i Austrian Airlines pruzaju veoma kvalitetne usluge za putnike i prevoz kargo robe.

    1. Anonymous14:03

      MBX will be great Cargo hub.

    2. Anonymous14:40

      ^ Have you read the article? It is requesting state aid to keep its doors open!

    3. Anonymous15:06

      Cargo hub? Do they even have a high loader and a warehouse?

    4. Anonymous20:59

      Cargo hub without Cat 2/3, no instrument approach from the north, no radar control, small apron and short runway.

      Leipzig, Liege and the rest, beware, new player in the game!

  2. Anonymous15:06

    Maribor would fit perfectly into FR... dont know how that went wrong ... dont tell me MBX has less potential then BNX (no offence guys)

    1. Anonymous15:16

      Don't forget that BNX has a large diaspora which will be covered by Ryanair.

  3. Anonymous15:13

    MBX should work on promoting itself as a good GA airport with good conditions for training and test flights. It also wouldn't hurt to organize a few events every year such as drag racing, car and air shows. Seeing that Magna close by is planning to employ 3000 people in the near future, it wouldn't hurt to open a food court as well at the airport.

  4. Anonymous00:53

    Like most of the people said in a lot of articles that mentioned has no future unfortunately due to its location and surrounding airports. I live near MB and i would kike to see it succed but i think it would take a miracle for MBX to grow and make money...


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