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The ten most read articles on EX-YU Aviation News throughout October according to accumulated statistics:

1. Adria to wet-lease entire Airbus fleet in winter
2. Wizz Air downgrades EX-YU routes over winter
3. TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, New York - Belgrade
4. Macedonia delays airline subsidy decision
5. Air Serbia - Etihad partnership enters new phase
6. Montenegro and Croatia Airlines to be sold by 2020
7. Ryanair enters Bosnian market
8. Adria in need of fresh capital by year's end
9. Wizz Air launches new luggage policy
10. Pristina Airport set for busiest winter season

The most popular vintage photo published in October:

JAT's first Caravelle - "Dubrovnik", in Dubrovnik, 1963

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. Germany
6. Turkey
7. Macedonia
8. United Kingdom
9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
10. Switzerland


  1. @ Admin: Thanks for the good work! Is there any chance you introduce a (moderated)- forum, in which specific discussions can be led, like at other portals? Where registered members can discuss relevent topics, instead of beginning them in one thread and not continuing it the next day, since it is related to the publish date? Would be much apprecited. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks. There used to be such a forum here but unfortunately it didn't really catch on with readers so I removed it. But if people would be interested, I would definitely consider bringing it back.

    2. Thanks! would be much appreciated. So instead of commenting under the news items, the topics could be continuously discussed in the forum (especially since the discussions are mostly revolving around a few select topics).

    3. That would be much appreciated ;) topics could be limited to particular airport/airlines/country;) JP/OU/JU and of course u keep the “forum” under each particular article����

    4. That would be great.

  2. Koja divna slika Caravelle JAT aviona, moj jos uvjek vitalan i vrlo duhovit deda Dragutin je letio kao pilot bas na tom avionu,posada je bila mesovita Kapetan je bio Srbin,ko-pilot Makedonac iz familije Stefanovski a ostali su bili iz Hrvatske iz Milanovic familije.Sve je funkciniralo odlicno bez problema pa nonda su presli na novi douglas DC9 avion a neki su otisli u Americi da rade kao i moj deda.

  3. Of course, JP is number 1 <3 :*

  4. Svi stariji su u penziji dok ovi mladzi jos rade u razlicitim aviokompanijama,Dragutin je bio najbolji pilot svoje generacije,veliki pozdrav iz Adria tehnika jos vise godina da ste u najboljem mogucem zdravlju, i mi cemo uskoro u zasluzenu penziju.U JAT tehniku smo servisirali i DC9 avion a i njegov auto zarko crveni CIviC sport iz 1981 godine koji jos uvjek cuva u garazi i veoma cjenjena Toyota 2000 GT sport iz 1970 godine ciji je vlasnik bio i nas kolega Dejan-Aviotehnicar iz Hrvatske.


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