Turkish Airlines marks Zagreb milestone


Turkish Airlines marked two decades of operations between Istanbul and Zagreb last week, with a ceremony at Zagreb Airport. The carrier launched two weekly services between the two cities in 1998 and now maintains double daily flights. So far in 2018, the airline has seen its passenger numbers grow 11% on the route. The carrier's Country Manager, Ugur Cantimur, recently said, "Twenty years ago we launched two weekly flights to Zagreb, while today we maintain double daily services. In addition, two years ago we commenced four weekly year-round operations to Dubrovnik. This summer, services were increased to eleven weekly. Our plan is to launch another route to Croatia so we can better connect the country to the world and bring even more tourists". Mr Cantimur noted that the airline's flights to Croatia see a mix of leisure, point to point and transfer traffic with an increasing number of passengers connecting via Istanbul to the United States. Turkish Airlines carried almost 142.000 passengers on its flights between Istanbul and Zagreb last year.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    @Admin you mean just under 142 000, Turkish carried 141,844 passengers last year on route to and from Zagreb.

    1. Anonymous13:03

      Just for comparison; TK carried 140,900 pax via LJU in 2017.

    2. Probably because TK is the only route from LJU towards Middle East/South Asia/Australia.

  2. Anonymous10:37

    so 132 000 passengers annualy,
    2x flihts daily = 730 flights annualy
    it gives us, 181 passenger on every flight....not bad at all

    1. Anonymous10:57

      Two rotations, 132 000/365/4 = 90.4
      142 000/365/4 = 97.2

      2018). + 11% yoy projected - article says so.
      Two rotations, 146 000/365/4 = 100.1
      157 000/365/4 = 107.5

    2. Anonymous10:59

      Turkish operated some flights with 330 this year and A321s.

    3. Anonymous11:49

      So on average they had hundred passengers?

    4. During winter (5 months per year) they don't have 14 but 10 flights per day. So it is much more than 97,2 passenger per flight.

      21 weeks x 10 flights per week x 2 rotations = 420 flights
      31 weeks x 14 flights per week x 2 rotations = 868 flights
      so it is some 1.288 flights

      142000/1288 =110,3 passengers per flight, not 97,2.

      As they usually fly with A320 and 737-800, that is some 73% LF.

    5. Anonymous12:18

      73% is quite bad! With such loads I don't see them bringing back 14 flights per week.

    6. Anonymous14:46

      What do you mean quite bad? 73% on a short haul, year round? Meaning winter on 60% and summer, spring on more than 80%? What are OU loads?

  3. Anonymous10:52

    Celebrate without Turkish A/C on the apron? LOL! Even with 2 daily flights they choose wrong time for event!

    And just look at that bunch of French, Turks and Croats who are in charge for ZAG airports, gentlemens (and ladies) it's time to work and bring airlines to ZAG!!

  4. SPU bi bio pun pogodak

  5. Anonymous13:19


    moglo bi funkcionirati i tokom zime, jer fali alternativa lufthansi za transfer promet iz splita, naravno u zimskom periodu.


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