Tuzla Airport's dream run comes to an end


Tuzla Airport has seen its monthly passenger numbers decline for the firrst time following 25 consecutive months of growth. The airport welcomed 50.122 travellers in October, representing a decrease of 2.8%. The number of aircraft operations stood at 334, which is down a notable 6% from 354 last year. During the January - October period, Tuzla Airport handled 514.376 passengers, up 12.5%. The airport estimates it will register 570.000 travellers by year's end. Wizz Air, which accounts for almost all of Tuzla's traffic, has discontinued flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina's third largest city to Billund, Baden Baden, Stockholm Skavsta and Vaxjo over the winter season. Tuzla Airport will commence talks with the low cost carrier over a new four-year agreement, which would see the airline serve the city until at least 2023. The existing four-year deal will expire in November of next year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN40.563 52.8
FEB35.976 55.7
MAR43.112 48.1
APR52.638 3.7
MAY49.371 3.5
JUN53.709 8.1
JUL67.438 6.8
AUG65.352 2.5
SEP56.060 6.1
OCT50.122 2.8


  1. Anonymous14:22

    New routes with Ryanair from BNX will have huge impact on passenger growth from TZL, I think in the future we can see WZZ starting operations from BNX similar INI

    1. Ako ZAG otvori vrata rajanu, a naveliko se suska o tome, pisi kuci propalo.

    2. Why would they compete with Ryan in BNX if they can stay in TZL with no competition, established relationships, routes that work and new terminal?

    3. Anonymous13:46

      Zasto bi neko ko ide u BiH, BiH dijaspora, sletio u ZAG umjesto u BNX i morao se zezati sa granicnim prelazom i voziti se dva-dva i po sata do Banja Luke od Zagreba kad moze sletiti u Banja Luci i za manje od pola sata biti u Banja Luci ili za 1-1,5 vremena u nekoj drugoj destinaciji bez granicni prelaza.

      Ne krece se cijela Bosanska Krajina oko Zagreba a sami su hrvati na ovoj stranici pisali "zasto bi hrvati letili preko BNX kad iz Zagreba ima brojni dnevni letova za Njemacku", ako dode Ryanair u Zagreb BNX nece puno gubiti na tome.
      Jedino onaj broj hrvata koji eventualno koriste BNX, ali BiH dijaspora ce letiti na BNX sa Ryanair.

  2. Anonymous17:33

    It will be similar or same routes from BNX, even now 30% of passengers who is using WZZ are from northwest of R.Srpska-BiH

  3. Anonymous20:39

    Много путника из Српске је користило аеродром Тузла. Многи ће након отварања нових линија из БЛ користити БЛ аеродром јер и чак мјеста која су ближа Тузли, због аутопута Добој БЛ, брже ће стизати на БЛ аеродром. На крају, БЛ је западније и ближа зап. Европи.


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