Volotea to launch new Croatia routes


Low cost carrier Volotea will launch several new seasonal summer flights to Croatia in 2019. The airline will introduce services from Lyon to Dubrovnik and Split, Marseille to Rijeka, as well as from Bordeaux to Pula. The flights from Lyon will be launched in April and those to Rijeka and Pula in June. All will operate once per week, with exception to the Lyon - Split service, which will run twice weekly. The development also marks Volotea's first route to Rijeka. Although headquartered in Barcelona, the airline boasts bases across France, Italy and Spain.

RouteLaunch date
Lyon - Split14.04.2019
Lyon - Dubrovnik17.04.2019
Marseille - Rijeka05.06.2019
Bordeaux - Pula05.06.2019
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  1. Anonymous10:34

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous10:50

    Great so airlines are slowly beginning their expansions for next year.

  3. Anonymous10:51

    Rijeka is a big thing! :)

  4. Anonymous12:03

    wow, good job Rijeka! LGW and MAN with TUI, now MRS with Volotea! Even RTM with Transavia will go for all summer timetable, instead just 2 months this year! Numbers will go up next year even more than this record year!

    So, for now, just Condor reduced FRA with 1 weekly flight and who knows what will Ryanair do with Rijeka...

    Its middle of November, I believe Rijeka will have at least one or two more good news for next year. Really happy for this small airport, which will, finally, be painted outside and it will look like is in 21st century, as I said, finally! :D

  5. Anonymous18:19

    volotea airlines leti sa veoma kvalitetnim avionima tipa Boeing717-200(rebrendirani McDonell Douglas 95)


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