Wizz Air opens new training centre


Wizz Air, which boasts three bases across the former Yugoslavia and employs over a hundred pilots and cabin crew from Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has opened a new training centre in Budapest today. The new facility features two Full Flight Simulators, one Fixed Base Simulator, as well as a new Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer and a Real Fire Fighting Trainer device. The centre will allow Wizz to increase its training capacity to up to 100 crew members daily, growing to more than 250 in the future. Located five minutes from Budapest Airport, the facility is currently the largest aviation related training centre in the region and one of the most advanced in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the three simulators and the cabin trainer, the 3.800 square meter facility includes fourteen training rooms, an office area, a large lobby and a common break room. It can be expanded with additional simulators or more training rooms. By the end of the year, the low cost airline will have an international team of over 1.000 pilots and 2.000 cabin crew to be trained on a recurring basis. These numbers are expected to triple in ten years.



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    This type of flight simulators CAE7000XR are NOT the latest technology,they are in production since 1998 and updated in 2004year.The Boeing flight simulator in Washington and Seattle facility is the latest and most advanced technology in the world.
    The best military simulator for Sukhoi 25 UBK aircraft has Cosmolsk training facility in Russia,but the most advanced training flight simulator for passenger Sukhoi 100 Superjet aircraft is located in Italy near Ronchi dei legionari Airport and Venezzia Airport Full Flight Simulator Level D, certified by EASA and ICAO(Certificate. Number. ITaly-069).Sukhoi flight simulator is very expensive.

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    Apsolutno najbolji trening flight simulator u bivsim EX-Yu drzavama tipa Simultec 2013 advanced, nalazi se u Makedoniji i sluzi se za obuku personala za helikoptere tipa MI 8/17, MI 24/35 i americke Bell206/212/412 simulator je veoma skup ali cjene za obuku su veoma dostupne za sve armije.
    Veoma tezak aerodrom za sletanje i poljetanje u bivsoj drzavi je bio i ostao Aerodrom Ohrid na kome apsolutno svaki pilot aviona Wizz Air ili druge aviokompanije veoma umori i znoji kad sleti i poleti.

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    Just download Flight Sim X.... much cheaper.


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