Air Serbia hiring in Montenegro


Air Serbia is hiring new staff members in Podgorica and Tivat. The airline is seeking a Passengers Sales Officer in Podgorica and a Passengers Sales and Handling Officer in Tivat. Requirements include a high school degree, minimum two years of relevant working experience, high computer literacy and an advanced knowledge of English. Those interested must apply by December 23 for the Podgorica post, and December 26 for the position in Tivat. The job in the Montenegrin capital requires work at both the city office and the airport, while the one in Tivat entails work at the airport. Further details, as well as the application form, for Podgorica can be found here, while for Tivat here.


  1. Anonymous13:53

    Nice, hope they hire those Serbs who were forcefully fired from YM based on their ethnic background.

  2. Anonymous13:59

    Montenegro Airlines has pilots with Serbian passports. They got Montegrian citizenship!!!


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