Air Serbia marks Bucharest anniversary


Air Serbia has marked five years of operations between Belgrade and Bucharest this Monday, December 10. The airline, which is maintaining six weekly flights between the two cities this winter season, resumed operations on the route in 2013 following a fourteen-year hiatus. The Serbian carrier has since concluded a codeshare agreement with Romania's TAROM, which also runs six weekly services between the two capitals. Commenting on the route, Air Serbia previously said, "There has been strong demand for the Air Serbia Bucharest flights, with a good mix of point-to-point bookings, as well as through-traffic that sees people travelling beyond the Belgrade hub". Passengers who flew out on Air Serbia's service from Bucharest to Belgrade on Monday were treated to traditional drinks at check-in, while those arriving in the Romanian capital were given vouchers for a Serbian restaurant in central Bucharest.


  1. Anonymous10:54

    Nice :)

  2. Anonymous12:03

    Rakija in the morning :)

  3. Danilo P12:34

    It's always nice to read small success stories. I can't say that I was aware of this line before the article.

  4. Anonymous13:16

    Great achievement!

  5. Anonymous17:23

    Is there a chance to see a 3rd carrier operating between OTP and BEG?
    For example Wizzair or Ryanair?
    Both capitals can join and launch a triangle long-haul route with 5th rights freedom to sell the route as a regional one. Example: Singapore Airlines or Norwegian Long Haul.
    BEG already has past experiencies with Qatar Airways linked to SOF and Hainan linked to PRG.

  6. Anonymous20:38

    Prior to Air Serbia entering the market, flights were almost never cheaper then €200 when Tarom had a monopoly, now they're 30-50% cheaper on average. Bucharest the best kept secret in the Balkans, amazing city!

  7. Anonymous01:14

    It is very good they codeshare on this route.


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