Air Serbia to deploy Etihad jet to New York


Air Serbia will utilise an Etihad Airways-branded Airbus A330 aircraft on flights between Belgrade and New York on a temporary basis betweeen January 12 and February 14, 2019, while its own jet of the same type undergoes scheduled maintenance checks at Etihad Airways Engineering in Abu Dhabi ahead of the busy summer season. In a statement, Air Serbia said, "Passengers can look forward to experiencing Air Serbia’s traditionally warm service on these flights, provided by Serbian-speaking Etihad and Air Serbia cabin crew, while also enjoying an extensive range of films, music and TV shows on Etihad's in-flight entertainment systems". In its flight permit application with the US Department of Transportation in 2016, Air Serbia foresaw and applied for the use of Etihad equipment on its US-bound flights. In its application at the time, it noted, "Air Serbia and Etihad have agreed to a contingent wet lease pursuant to which Etihad may wet lease aircraft to Air Serbia in the event of maintenance problems or other issues that might take its aircraft out service for any length of time".

Etihad A330 business class cabin

Etihad A330 economy class cabin


  1. Anonymous11:41

    I still think JU has a better business class compared to the boring Etihad one, which looks like an ordinary economy one.
    Which aircraft is going to be used?

    1. Anonymous11:44

      Are you real?? Have you flown with their business class? It is definitely not an "ordinary economy one" LOL. As someone who has flown their A330 business class just a month ago I can tell you the lie flat seats are great, quite private and the service is excellent.

    2. Anonymous11:50

      Well I can vouch that the IFE is a million times better on EY than on JU. JU has the upper hand in business in terms of seating layout since they have 1-1-1 layout compared to 1-2-1 in Etihad but Etihad has a great product too for an A330 (compared to other airlines).

    3. Anonymous13:24

      EY has one of the best C class in the industry. You must have missed something ...
      Never flew AS C class, but cant believe AS goes to top five (maybe by considering looks of the CCM's)

    4. Anonymous13:28

      Don´t see EY anywhere compared to this:

      Is there any airline in the region offering something similar or even a bit worse?

    5. Anonymous13:32

      Etihad business A330

    6. Anonymous15:08

      Still not the same I am afraid. JU is slightly better.

    7. Anonymous15:13

      Fly both before passing judgment.

  2. Anonymous11:48

    Smart! last year they actually cancelled all flights to JFK in October so the plane could be serviced.

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Yes but a C-check takes place once a year, why do it now? Maybe they are doing it so to do it every year in February?

    2. Anonymous13:01

      Wonder what the price tag here is for the aircraft.

  3. Anonymous11:58

    looking forward flying it. really love that vintage look;

  4. Anonymous12:00

    Etihad A330 business class is probably one of the best you will find in the industry. They use the same seats as Hainan Airlines is now applying to their A330s. Also extremely rare to find an airline with direct aisle access from each seat on an A330.

  5. Why did they wet lease the aircraft instead of dry?

    1. Anonymous13:00

      Because JU staff is not allowed to operate it due to Bilaterals.

    2. Anonymous13:13

      it's short term, and is easier

    3. Anonymous15:08

      JU staff don't have UAE licenses, so they cannot fly A6-registered aircraft.

    4. Anonymous15:14

      Read the article and what Air Serbia said. "Passengers can look forward to experiencing Air Serbia’s traditionally warm service on these flights, provided by Serbian-speaking Etihad and Air Serbia cabin crew"

  6. MIlivoje Rodic15:07

    I would like more to see EYs Dreamliner as replacement which has upgraded business class into business studio who are amazing.

    Business Class
    Business Studio

  7. Anonymous17:41

    Is it an A330-200 or -300?

  8. Anonymous18:57

    There will be less than a dozen flights during that period and only a handful will travel in business. It's the same biz class as in Alitalia and some other global airlines. Stop the insanity.


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