EX-YU airlines at CEESAR Awards


Voting for the 2018 CEESAR Awards, presented to the best air carriers in Central and Eastern Europe, has opened with airlines from the former Yugoslavia all in contention. CEESAR is a unified quality classification system of airlines in Central and Eastern Europe. Verified passengers, who have used the services of airlines, evaluate them through a dedicated platform in several categories including best value, check-in and boarding process, on board comfort, cabin crew, cleanliness, entertainment and catering. The ranking is based on opinions of passengers who have verified their flight. If you have taken a flight with an airline from the region recently, you can vote here. The awards ceremony, which is attended by airline and airport CEOs, representatives from the largest aviation companies, media, experts and government officials, will be held in Poznan, Poland in late March. The awards are organised by Poland's largest aviation portal "Pasazer".


  1. Anonymous16:18

    Voted :)

  2. Anonymous17:14

    I wonder if JU or OU will win but with the presence of strong airlines such as A3, it ain't gonna be easy.
    Also BT is there, they have decent reviews too.


    Additionally, JU can really consider the A220. It will look awesome on the ASL logo.


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