Ljubljana Airport's number decline in November


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport's 25-month passenger growth streak has come to an end with its figures declining 3.3% in November, during which it handled 117.554 travellers. The number of aircraft movements stood at 2.512, down 6.3%. Despite the decline, Slovenia's busiest airport surpassed its 2017 end-of-year-result in late November and is on course to handle 1.8 million passengers this year. Over the past eleven months, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 1.703.352 travellers through its doors, representing an increase of 8.3% on the same period last year. Aircraft movements were up 1.1% to 11.324. "This year's traffic growth will be around 8.5% compared to last year, as we expect another 140.000 passengers by the end of 2018. Therefore, the new record will amount to roughly over 1.8 million passengers, which was also our forecast at the beginning of the year", Fraport Slovenia said.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN100.375 12.3
FEB99.213 10.2
MAR129.624 19.0
APR157.837 19.4
MAY167.257 14.4
JUN176.784 13.3
JUL198.911 0.4
AUG202.423 3.1
SEP191.823 6.3
OCT161.446 5.1
NOV117.554 3.3


  1. Anonymous10:42

    One word - Adria.

    1. Anonymous10:49

      A couple of words - no drama. LJU will recover very quickly in 2019.

    2. Anonymous10:54

      No drama people

    3. Anonymous10:56

      Adria`s problems didn´t exactly began in November but way earlier.

    4. Anonymous10:56

      EasyJet and Transavia had quite bad loads.

    5. @anon at 10:56: Adria's problems indeed began earlier, but it was in November when they cancelled 3 routes (Bucharest, Kiev and Warsaw) https://www.exyuaviation.com/2018/11/adria-airways-suspends-three-routes.html

    6. Anonymous14:42

      Anon 10:56 where did you get the data of bad loads? I flew on LJU - AMS Transavia flight and the plane was almost full, maybe with 2 or 3 seats remaining in each way. No idea about EasyJet tho.

    7. Nemjee14:57

      Numbers for LJU-AMS have exploded this year, I would be surprised if all of a sudden they collapsed.

    8. Anonymous07:11

      Yes, if a big part of JP's fleet is being wetleased out around Europe this winter, it would be strange if they could maintain the same (presumably unprofitable) passenger numbers at LJU.

  2. Anonymous10:55

    Fraport is doing worst job in all exYU airports. Almost nothing new, other airports of same size have 4-5 new routes every year, some even more than 10, Ljubljana just 1-2 new route, growing was on Adria, now decline also.

  3. Anonymous11:04

    Interestingly enough, there are many Fraport airports with negative figures in November, especially the Greek ones such as CFU and KVA:


    FRA is growing huge...almost 65 million YTD!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:19

    Does anyone know how is JU doing in Ljubljana?

    1. Nemjee11:43

      January-July 2017: 35.276
      January-July 2018: 34.604

      Q1 was pretty bad but both Q2 and July saw growth in passenger numbers.

    2. Anonymous11:55

      Good that JP left this market, JU is much more stable.

    3. Anonymous12:44

      Around 50% LF on JU flights that is roughly, right?

    4. Nemjee13:57

      July 2017: 5.315
      July 2018: 5.486

      They operated 12 weekly flights with the Atr (66 and 70 seats) so that means they roughly offered 6.996 seats on a total of 53 flights. Their LF this July was around 78.4% which isn't that bad.

      Overall their winter LF might have been around 50% though.

    5. Anonymous14:40

      For July 78% is not god result, not at all. It should be more than 90%, even 95% and than winter can be 50-55% with average LF some 75-80% which could make company flying profitable.

    6. Nemjee14:54

      LF doesn't have to be bad, JU has no competition, great schedule and fares that are far from being low. LJU has more or less remained stable schedule-wise. If it was a poor performer it would have been cut or reduced the same way they did it with Zagreb, Budapest and Varna.

  5. Anonymous15:04

    November was bad for many ex-YU airports, maybe rising petrol has something to do with it. So far DBV, ZAD, PUY, LJU and INI had passenger numbers fall. I have a feeling Tuzla might be in the same group.


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