Mostar Airport returns to growth


Mostar Airport has seen a respite in its passenger decline by handling 570 travellers in November, up 50.4% from 379 it welcomed the same month last year. It ends twenty consecutive months of declining passenger numbers. The figures were primarily aided by two charter flights, which carried 291 passengers, while Croatia Airlines accounted for 279 travellers. Overall, during the January - November period, Mostar Airport handled 27.982 passengers, down 34.5% on 2017.


  1. Anonymous16:52

    Not bad, not bad at all!! Bravo BiH!

  2. Anonymous19:35

    279 passengers in 17 Croatia Airlines flights = 16,4 passenger per flight.

  3. Anonymous04:41

    Mostar has a tremendous potential but I guess strong influence of HDZ prevents its growth in order not to compete with quite close Split and Dubrovnik airports


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