Niš Airport reaches passenger milestone


Niš Constantine the Great Airport surpassed its 2017 end-of-year result yesterday, making 2018 its busiest on record. The traveller arrived on a Wizz Air flight from Memmingen. Niš Airport handled 331.582 passengers last year and anticipates welcoming a total of 355.000 travellers by year's end. General Manager Dušan Knežević said, "Today we broke the record for the number of passengers handled in a single year. We are delighted that Niš Airport's figures are constantly growing and we hope for the same trend to continue in 2019". He added that the airport is in talks with airlines over the introduction of new routes. The Serbian Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, noted, "We strongly believe that we will have some surprises concerning new carriers at Niš Airport in the coming period".


  1. Anonymous11:20

    Mega congratulations INI!
    Excellent developments and reaching this milestone was worth it.
    Hard work and tough year but hopefully we see new legacies and new destinations, especially to France, Poland, Spain and UK.

    1. Anonymous11:29

      Only France seems plausible... Rest of it is simply lol. And I say this as someone who is from Nis :)

    2. Anonymous11:41

      Why do you think the rest is lol? Don't you think Barcelona, Warsaw or Manchester can work out?

    3. No market to/from Warsaw at all. For UK Serbs need visas unfortunately, so any destination in UK is not going to work. Barcelona only maybe in top season for tourists, other than that... No gastos, no diaspora, no business ties, can not see it work.

    4. Nemjee11:46

      There was an article the other day (maybe on that INI portal) that there is growing interest for ski charters from the UK. Maybe they are planning something for next winter.

    5. Anonymous11:51

      Yeah, but the way I see it is that these would add numbers to the airport, we really don't have any use for them (we = Serbian passengers)

    6. Anonymous12:06

      Maybe VY can try and introduce BCN having a late arrival and early morning departure and this way making transfers via BCN.
      It is also now possible to make transfers with LEVEL as they have very cheap fares to Latin America or US.

      Something like:

      BCN-INI 23:55 02:35
      INI-BCN 03:30 05:45

      VY can try to initially send A319 and then eventually A320 or A321 in summer.

  2. Anonymous11:27

    celebrations aside (we are champions in that) ... pogledajte zid. jel to vlaga?

    1. Anonymous11:32

      Nije vlaga nego slika kapije niške tvrđave, očigledno jako ubedljiva :-D

    2. Nemjee11:34

      Мислим да није влага, то је изгледа нека слика на клизним вратима. Изгледа да је то сликано на доласцима.

    3. Anonymous12:03

      you might be right with the kapija :D

  3. Nemjee11:29

    Nice result! I am sure they will handle 400.000 passengers next year. Will be interesting to see what happens with the Vienna-Bratislava combination. I wouldn't be surprised if FR drops BTS with Laudamotion launching flights from Vienna.

    1. I think government will introduce new lines soon, and they did not want to do it earlier simply because they can show numbers and growth if they start it in a period that was slow for Nis in 2018 :)

    2. Nemjee11:35

      I hope we see some charters to Greece. Maybe Ellinair introduces a one weekly flight (or every ten days) from HER. Jat used to operate such charter flights some years ago.

    3. Anonymous12:09

      Let's at least hope for some crumbs from our great leader next year in the form of ASL daily BEG-INI flights and some charters to Turkey, Greek islands etc.

    4. Anonymous12:11

      Agree with Nemjee for the charters to Greece. They worked nicely for BNX if you remember and enjoyed great success.
      Speaking of Greece, FR recently launched SOF-CHQ so INI-CFU looks like a more reasonable charter.
      INI-JTR would also be perfect (although it has very very bad reviews). The terminal building is in a critical situation.

    5. Anonymous12:17

      Air Serbia needs to introduce one ATR in INI ASAP! It needs to cover all waves that Air Serbia makes from BEG, which means that first departure from INI should be at 0500, last at 2200. 5-6 rotations per day EVEN if ATR goes half empty.
      As a national carrier, Air Serbia should support national airports (no excuses anymore, goverment from Belgrade is managing INI now).

    6. Anonymous12:27

      +100 A 12:17

      Although admin already mentioned this in September:

      ASL simply is not really taking this very seriously.
      5 rotations per day might be a bit too much but say 3 or max 4.

      INI-BEG 05:00 05:50 (connections with NYC + entire network + possibly YYZ in 2020)
      INI-BEG 13:00 13:50 (connections with entire network)
      INI-BEG 22:05 22:50 (connections with Middle East + Abu Dhabi for example INI-BEG-AUH-KUL)

    7. I think ATR can also cover some regional

      - Thessaloniki
      - Athens
      - Ljubljana
      - Yagreb
      - Sarajevo
      - Istanbul
      - Dubrovnik (summer)
      - Split (summer)

      This is definitely something they should think about!

    8. Anonymous12:39

      Can the ATR fly from INI to CDG or ARN?
      Back in the days JA used to fly from SJJ-CPH using an ATR, if I am not mistaken.

    9. there is no economic sense in having BEG-INI flights. again, aviation is not about losing money.

    10. Anonymous16:29

      INI-BEG-SKP would be great :D

    11. Anonymous09:14

      @ Petar Čelik 11 December 2018 at 15:39

      of course there is, it will be subsidized through PSO. and all of the passengers would be transit

    12. Anonymous09:15

      @ Anonymous 11 December 2018 at 12:39

      that's why JU needs something like E90/CR9

  4. Anonymous12:06

    Always LOVE seeing shocked passenger's face when they shower them with gifts and flowers xD

    1. Anonymous12:15

      Yes :D what is that grey thing behind the girl´s back? Is it an entrance to some store? Doesn´t look very nice :S

    2. Anonymous14:05

      It's a still pic of the Nis Fortress :D High-quality print it seems haha.

    3. Anonymous15:07

      LOL!!! True! Optical illusion! xD

    4. Can someone explain to me what is this woman's accomplishment?
      she was 331,583rd passenger???
      this stuff is usually done for "round number" passengers

    5. Anonymous16:17

      Lol, yeah Petar. After all remember that for INI this is great news. This is an airport that used to servce 20 thousand passengers annually and now it has grown almost 17,5 times compared to other years.

      20,000 x 17,5 = almost 360,000.

      Imagine for example Belgradeland, they now have 5 million so if they increase seventeen times in 5 years that´s 87 million passengers which is what Beijing Airport has. But this is just a comparison.

    6. Anonymous17:06

      @petarcelik because they saw PRN & SKP celebrated last week ... so they had to come up with something. the funny thing is they didnt even celebrate 300.000 last year

    7. i am rally glad that the lady got whatever. i am just puzzled what is the milestone passenger number that she hit?
      if i understand @17:06 it is 300k mark

    8. Anonymous02:08

      nah, 300k mark would have been end of Oct.

      pointless celebration

    9. Anonymous07:36

      Why is it a pointless celebration? They outperformed their last year's success. I think that's pretty cool, now everything they add is extra. Who would have guessed some five years ago that INI would handle 350.000 passengers. People are forgetting how bad the situation was.

  5. Anonymous16:30

    Enjoy this success, 2019 might look a bit different.


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